• 10 life philosophies of wise people: Read to see why you cannot live a light life and still constantly advance in your career

10 life philosophies of wise people: Read to see why you cannot live a light life and still constantly advance in your career

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Sunday, 20/02/2022 07:02

   10 life philosophies of wise people: Read to see why you cannot live a light life and still constantly advance in your career

Những người thông minh luôn biết cách để làm chủ mọi việc của bản thân và đây chính là 10 câu nói giúp họ làm được điều ấy. Hãy đọc và xem bạn làm được bao nhiêu trong số đó nhé!



1. “If no one wants to do it, I will”


In a group or a team, when faced with a challenging task, most people will choose to step back and push it to someone else, because they fear they will not be able to complete it.


However, they do not know that behind such situations are valuable opportunities for learning, training and development. So, when you are faced with a complex task like a project at work that no one wants to do, be the first to volunteer to take on the task.


Doing so will help you learn more things you never knew existed, as well as help you discover the skills that are hidden within you.


2. “That's Not Too Bad”


Come to think of it, how many times have you been in a completely unfamiliar situation and only had your mind filled with thoughts of the worst-case scenario? Have any of your fears ever actually come to pass? The answer is almost no because the worst will often not happen as you think.


In this life, you cannot avoid facing many problems that arise. But remember one thing that things are not inherently terrible and scary as we think. In addition, we can completely choose how we react when faced with such problems.


Therefore, no matter what the situation is, it is too pessimistic because everything will have a solution. And in order to free yourself from such irrational fears, remember all the times when your negative thoughts did not materialize and try to overcome the problems you are facing. .


3. “I won't get everything done today, but at least I have to start”


Procrastination is a disease that many of us suffer from, and one of the main symptoms is the excuses we tell ourselves not to work according to our plan.


You need to understand one thing, the plans we make will have no value if you don't follow them, no matter how carefully you do them.


To get rid of this procrastination disease, start doing small pieces of work or start as soon as you think about it. This will give you the motivation to easily go ahead and complete the work you set out to do.


4. “I have to say less and do more”


We've all probably met people who like to brag about their deeds and accomplishments. Because, they think that doing it will help them impress the people around.


However, that usually won't happen because actions taken in silence are often more valued and appreciated.


So no matter what you do, always focus on getting it done in the best possible way. At the same time, never allow yourself to be distracted by illusory glories because they will ultimately only confuse you on your way to success.


5. “I can't just depend on other people's opinions”



People's advice can help us make decisions easier. But in the end, your opinion is still the most important thing because we are only responsible for our lives, and also bear the consequences of our actions ourselves.


Therefore, when faced with something, do not be afraid or unable to make a decision and frantically seek advice from others. Instead, give yourself a few hours or days to find a solution that works for you.


Other people's opinions are sometimes quite important, but in most situations, you should just take it as a reference, and do what your mind and heart tell you.


6. “I have to prove myself”


Many times, when people say we can't do something, there's a sudden desire in our hearts to prove them all wrong.


This may sound childish, but our lack of trust from others is actually a huge motivator for us to push ourselves, and to prove that we can overcome challenges. awake.


So, the next time people around you doubt your ability, instead of drowning in anger, turn that emotion into energy to accomplish what you want in the best way.


7. “The products I make may not be perfect, but to me they are the best”


Many of us always put ourselves in a race towards perfection, whatever we do, we want the final product to be the most perfect.


But actually, this not only drains you of energy and adds stress, but it also "contributs" to bringing you closer to failure.


Therefore, when starting a job, focus and try your best to complete it as best as possible, don't put too much emphasis on the definition of perfection.


By doing this, you will both be able to always excel in completing the work, while also reducing a lot of pressure on yourself.


8. “Next time I will be more successful”


Perhaps when we can't do something we thought we could, each of us will feel uncomfortable. If you accidentally fall into that situation, don't be discouraged and give up.


Instead, write down what you did in a notebook and go through the events in your head. That way, you'll know where you've gone wrong so you know what to improve on and what not to do next time.


9. “I should thank them for what they did for me”


In this life, we come into contact with a lot of people and sometimes even get help from them. Therefore, we should know how to thank those around us for what they have done for us.


When you work in a team or get help from others, no matter how small, give them a sincere thank you. Thereby, you show those around you that you appreciate their help, as well as their meaning in your life.


10. “The more I try, the more I will achieve”


In areas where we have a natural talent, we tend to achieve success more easily because from an early age we already know what we need to do.


However, in a field where we don't have natural talent, we have to work harder and harder to reach success.


This is a natural thing and a good opportunity for you to learn, so never let it discourage you. If you don't have a natural talent, practice a lot – which will help you do things you never thought possible.


Always remember, the more you try to do something, the better you will do. At the same time, the new knowledge that you can pass on to others is more and more real. Good luck!

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