10 ways to help you manage your time most effectively

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Sunday, 12/09/2021 03:09

10 ways to help you manage your time most effectively


Have you ever wondered why everyone has 24 hours in a day, but some succeed and some fail? Effective time management skills are the answer to the above question. The road to success is fast or slow, to the destination or not depends largely on how each person uses their time.







1. Specific and detailed planning is an effective way of time management

Start your week and month by planning short-term goals. Buy yourself a small notebook and write in it all the goals you want to achieve in the future and then break them down in order of priority, which goals are done first, which goals are done later, What are the short term goals and what are the long term goals. It is the action that helps you chart your own path without having to spend too much time thinking, choosing and deciding.

Then, at the end of the workday, summarize what goals were accomplished and what remained unfinished. Then make a to-do list for the next day. This way, you will use your time more efficiently.


2. Notice how the golden timeframe works well

Each person will have their own biological rhythm, which means that each person will have the most effective and most focused golden hour. Some people work effectively in the early morning, others in the afternoon or other times

Once you have determined your own “golden hour frame”, put important tasks to be handled at that time to save time and improve work efficiency. The rest of the time is spent doing routine, less attractive tasks.


3. Practice discipline and focus

You must always be strict with yourself: You need to determine how the work affects you. When you fail to do that, there will be a bad result. If you can't do it today, you will have to do it the next day, and it will take up the next day's schedule, so gradually you will not achieve your goals because of one day of not completing the work.

Set an alarm for 50 minutes, turn off all devices such as email, phone, social networking sites and focus completely on what needs to be done. Once done, you can relax for a few minutes, you will feel much more productive and comfortable.


4. Start as soon as possible and never procrastinate

As soon as you determine your own goals and plans, the most effective way to save time is to do the first things right away, solve the problems you are worried about and consider the most important.

Most unsuccessful people just look at their to-do lists and do nothing. They always want a good start to a beautiful day and they inadvertently waste a lot of time already.


5. Determine the goal to be achieved corresponding to the required time to be completed, and make every effort, determination, and focus to work effectively to achieve that.

Relax a little. Then set goals corresponding to the required completion time for other tasks

Just like that, gradually you will create good time management habits to work effectively. The achievements will be a great encouragement and encouragement for you.



6. Arrange living space, work place neat, tidy and scientific

A clean and tidy desk will make you more motivated to want to work. In addition, you should also reasonably arrange working files and folders on your computer so that when you need any data, you can find it right away. Write your name on each pair of documents and put in a box. This will save you a lot of time. Instead of having to rummage around looking for a certain piece of paper, you just need to read the list of documents to know immediately where they are.

The orderliness and tidiness of the living space also plays a very important role to help you manage time effectively: Rearrange the furniture in the house in the most convenient way and always leave them in a fixed position. , after use please leave them in the specified position. This habit will help you not spend too much time looking for things or spend hours to "generally clean" a living space that is too messy.


7. Don't work on inspiration

The vast majority of inefficient, unproductive time managers are inspired workers. They don't work according to certain rules, don't prioritize their time on important tasks, they do whatever they want and take a break when they are no longer inspired, etc.

Living and working by inspiration will make each person lose a lot of time because of the unscientific, unprofessional, lack of focus and non-serious way of working. While people who know how to manage their time effectively, they will do the exact opposite.


8. Reward yourself for good results

After achieving certain results, you should also reward yourself with relaxing moments, or buy a favorite item. Know how to motivate yourself to do better.


9. Know how to remind yourself

1 notebook to record the work schedule for the week, month, or year; A desk calendar, a pad of bookmarks, and a phone with reminder software are all essential for those who know how to manage their time effectively.

Highlight priority tasks. Important days, important jobs you should highlight in red, so that you always pay attention and don't miss work.


10. Learn to say no when necessary to social networking sites, games, etc. only spend certain time checking emails, messages. It is best to do it 2 times a day in the early morning and evening to promptly solve the work effectively.

With procrastination, start as soon as possible with the tasks you consider important and necessary

With laziness, laziness is the enemy that takes away a lot of your precious time

With sleeping during the day, it only makes you more sluggish, tired and unable to do anything. Wake up early with a clear mind and immediately determine what you need to do and then press the "start" button to start.


Hope the above article will help you form effective time management skills to make life more meaningful!

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