15 job skills that are more important than your degree

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Monday, 22/11/2021 09:11

   15 job skills that are more important than your degree



At work, if you are not aware of the importance of creating a professional working style, it will create a worrying consequence that is "inertia" in the ability to create and develop yourself.

Professionalism is an increasingly practical requirement in life, so if you don't want to be eliminated, now you should start planning to build yourself the image of a real professional employee.

There are many different views on professionalism at work, but in general, they all agree that "professionalism is confirmed by efficiency".

Professionalism includes consistent synchronization from ideas to ways to achieve the set goals. Setting goals is 1 and fully implementing 1. Professionalism is also reflected in a quick and scientific working style combined with a thorough grasp of professional knowledge. Refer to the following 15 work skills required in a professional employee:


1. Information - Communication skills


Communication plays an important role in work and is often decisive for success, especially in business. Communication skills are the ability to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas in communication, on paper and over the phone. It involves listening to others, building trust, and respecting other people's opinions and points of view.


2. Creativity at work


Dare to accept and be ready for change will contribute to creating more creative power. Much of our success depends on our ability to turn a situation around, our ability to improvise to turn it around, that is, a creative positive attitude in life. Creativity is the ability to think and act to discover new ways of thinking and working.


No one teaches you how to be creative at work, and there are no schools that train creativity at work, if any, just instruct you how to do it to get the most out of your work. So creative skills at work are grasped and inspired by yourself. A routine, routine routine that only gives you the same results as before. Try to find other ways to do it faster, more creatively and with better results. Finding new things in everyday things, sometimes leading to a wonderful new invention.. the old scientists, finding the laws that we use today in very ordinary situations. that no one thought of...


3. Acknowledge and learn from criticism


This is one of the most challenging skills, and also the one that impresses recruiters. Your ability to respond to criticism says a lot about your willingness to improve. It is equally important to have the ability to evaluate and make constructive comments on the work of others. Be aware of how defensive you are when reacting to negative comments. Never throw stones at constructive criticism without realizing that it is at least partially helpful. When you make comments to others, be tactful and sincere. Try to predict the listener's reaction based on their personality to have the most appropriate way to say it.


4. Skills to build beneficial relationships


Schools often force students to wear uniforms and the like in part to create an equal environment between students and students. Therefore, no one will teach you how to play with this person to your advantage and vice versa.


But the market is not like that, without beneficial relationships, your job is obviously not as easy as people who have good relationships with people related to work.


It should be noted that this relationship is not an exploit. Simply, if you don't know a VIP, your chances of meeting up will be more difficult than someone you know. Or if you are not familiar with a good engineer, your chances of getting his service to your company may be less than that of a rival company with a similar regime but a more familiar relationship.


5. Confident, dynamic and able to attract others



These are the three elements you need to have on the road to success. A confident person will always have clear goals for his life. Being active will help us to have many relationships and always be appreciated. As a confident and dynamic person, you also need to show your ability to conquer and lead, which is to pull others to your side and follow your plan.


6. Problem solving skills - Flexibility


Flexibility is the ability to adapt to the challenges we face every day at work and in our personal lives. People with the ability to identify problems, research solutions and make effective decisions are increasingly preferred in business administration, management consulting, public administration, science, medicine and technology. Certainly, people who are able to detect and quickly solve problems effectively will be appreciated.


7. Learn – gather information


Information management is the ability to know where to get the information needed to find, locate, and collect it. This can involve the use of various resources, whether they are from people or from documents in the vast world of technology.


8. Computational thinking and goal-setting skills


The ability to transform large amounts of data based on abstract concepts and the ability to analyze problems based on reasoning. Skill-building influencers: Media environment and the world of technology.


If you do not have a goal, you are on a road with no end and no destination. Therefore, the first condition for success is to have a destination, determine your own destination, that is the goal. However, not everyone can set and achieve the goals they want and expect. Goal setting skills are extremely important, it is the premise for the next steps in your career development.


9. Customer care


To take care of customers is the ability to care about the needs and concerns of others, especially those you serve. Understanding how to take care of customers is a skill that many employers are in high demand. In which, core skills are the ability to behave, manage people and systems; Understand customer needs and translate those needs into business opportunities.


10. Professional working skills


You can learn a lot of profound knowledge. Maybe you also know how to plan goals for the future, for life. But professional work skills are very lacking in new graduates, because these are things that are rarely taught in schools.


Professional work skills can be effective and concise communication, time management, coordination with colleagues, submission and proposal to superiors or even just small skills. like document storage...


11. Business management skills


All companies have problems arising from relationships between employees. The success of the company largely comes from the cooperation of all employees of the company. Therefore, the human resource management, the human resources department, the management department need to pay attention to, solve and satisfy employees' problems within their scope. It is very important for business managers to grasp the practical method of running an effective business.


This aspect needs basic skills such as: human resource management, system management, resource management and finance. In addition, it is necessary to grasp the needs of customers to meet social needs.


Depending on your interests, abilities, and career requirements, which of the above skills should you develop? However, in these tough economic times ahead, it's important to review skills that will be useful in advancing your career. It's never too late to develop important skills. Look from reality and patiently learn, you will become the job that every employer is looking for.


12. Teamwork skills


You can't always work alone and want to work alone, in any working environment there will be times and often when you have to work in groups. The necessary condition for teamwork is that you must know how to harmonize with the way members of the team to get the best end result. So teamwork skills are very necessary for your promotion, when working in groups is also an opportunity for you to show your ability and enthusiasm in the common work.


13. Self-discovery and leadership skills


Don't think you're incompetent, try to take on the task and start doing your best. Maybe you will discover you have some ability that you have never known before. However, when doing anything, you also need to understand the end goal and lead yourself so as not to give up halfway or go too far with the requirements of the job. Know when to stop.


14. Work organization skills and time management


Time is gold, a second is lost forever, so arrange the work in the most scientific way, in order of priority and determine a specific time to do it. For example, a report was supposed to take only an hour, but because of the time it took, you stretched a whole working day. That's really a waste of both you and the company's time. Use that free time to solve other tasks or think of new ideas for work to be more productive.


15. Decision making skills


This skill is critical to the success or failure of you and your organization. If you are an employee, when receiving a task from your superior, the first thing you must see is whether the task is suitable for you or not. If you can do it and accept the task then there is no question. But if it is a difficult task, beyond your ability, then you must definitely refuse or ask for support. But how dare to refuse when it is the task of the superior, at this time decision-making skills will help you.


If you are a leader, decision making is even more important. The right or wrong decision will directly affect the organization and the leader personally. So consider carefully before deciding what to benefit the organization and yourself.


Thank you for reading, wish you success in work and life!

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