• How to smile for a better life -wonderful healthy-The best way to smile

How to smile for a better life -wonderful healthy-The best way to smile

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Smile is very important in our life. It makes us relax and have a better healthy. Just enjoy some step way to smile on 2quote.net. Have fun




Smile to relieve stress. Stress is easily shown in our faces. Smiling prevents people from looking too tired or overwhelmed. When you're stressed, try to put on a smile, as it will make you feel happy, and you will appear happy. Your feelings on stress will be reduced as the endorphins associated with the smile are released, [2] and the infectiousness of your smile will help to make others happy. When others are happy, you will feel even happier knowing you're helping others to feel better. You may even start laughing, and if so, others might join in. That shows you that from being sad, you can start laughing with the help of a smile.



Smile to help your immune system work better.[4] Smiling brings about a sense of relaxation, and it is relaxation that helps your immune system to work more efficiently. You can reduce the risk of sicknesses such as the cold and the flu by smiling, in addition to getting a seasonal flu vaccine, exercising, eating right, and living a healthy lifestyle.



Smile to stay positive. A simple test to show you how smiling keeps you positive is to smile. Then you need to try to think of something negative, but keep the smile, otherwise the test won't work. You will soon see that it is hard to combine the negative thought with the smile! When we smile, our body and mind are sending us a message that everything is okay, and that life is great. Smiling will help to lift depression and sadness, and with frequent use, works better than any type of medication to relieve you of stress. Dozens of studies show that if you are positive, you are more likely to live longer, a state of being that also helps to ward off sickness.



Smile to look younger. The muscles used to smile lift your face up, which makes people appear much younger. Don't go for an unnatural and dramatic smile, just try to smile throughout the day naturally.

Try the smize.



Smile to live longer. Those who smile are thought to live an average of 79.9 years, while partial smilers live an average of 75 years, and non-smilers live an average of 72.9 years. The only conclusion to be reached from this is to smile every day. Even if it doesn't guarantee that you'll live longer, you'll feel a whole lot better for it throughout your life! Obviously as well as smiling, also pay attention to appropriate exercising, eating right, and living a healthy lifestyle. 




Smile to relieve pain. When you're in pain, physically or mentally, smile. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin – endorphins are natural painkillers.[6] Together, these two chemicals make people feel more able to cope when they're in pain. When someone is sad, and their friend comes over and makes the person laugh to cheer the person up, the resulting smiling and laughter relieve pain.



Smile to help reduce your blood pressure. If you're a person suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), then it's recommended that you smile a lot more. When you smile, you should see a marked reduction in your blood pressure:

If you have a blood pressure monitor, then you can prove this response. Sit for a little while, and read. Smile for a few minutes, and then read while still smiling. Then measure your blood pressure with your blood pressure monitor. You should notice that your blood pressure has gone down measurably.

Of course, smiling isn't the answer to hypertension. Be sure to be under your doctor's guidance, receiving all care and attention required to treat your disease.



Smile to seem more successful. People who smile appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted, because they will put their boss into a happy mood, and are more likely to be approached by many people, as well as making more friends.Smile at meetings, and you will see that people will react to you differently. Smile to help put people at their ease and you'll feel a lot more at ease too. Ultimately, the smile is an easy way to improve your mental well-being through increased confidence and better relationships with other people.


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