• Success or failure is not in the words of luck but in how we react to life

Success or failure is not in the words of luck but in how we react to life

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Thuday, 25/11/2021 10:11

   Success or failure is not in the words of luck but in how we react to life



Have you ever had a really bad day at work when everything was going nowhere, then bumped into one and the other, it was so bad that you had to say "what a bad day today is an unlucky day" position?"


Looking at people who are successful or rich, they always think they are lucky, but everyone understands that the real thing to create success is hard work, dedication and dare to give up to pursue the goal. come together.


A few months ago, I met an old friend again. Having lunch together, we talked a lot from our careers to our relationships and hobbies.


My friend confided that his work is getting more and more tedious at the moment, with no motivation and interest at all. Partly because his promotion proposal was rejected. Not only that, but he also laments that his personal life is not very bright. Having a longtime lover, now everyone is going their separate ways


When I asked why are both your love and career in trouble? The friend paused to think for a moment and then replied: "Probably because I was unlucky, I encountered a dumbbell."


After listening to it, I couldn't help but be surprised because I never thought my friend would let luck rule his life like that. Before, he was a person who always knew what he wanted and pursued it with all his passion and enthusiasm.


He said he didn't believe in luck until all the bad luck and worst happened, it felt like the whole universe was against him.


Personally, I think everything that happens in our lives is random, no one knows in advance. In other words, luck or bad luck is just what people believe and feel. It is emotional. But it's too bad that when any adverse events happen randomly we will immediately attribute them to intentional bad luck.


Your destiny is neither better nor worse than anyone else's. It's all just your subjective feelings. Doing these two simple things can reverse your bad feelings and change your luck.


Stop believing that what happens in life is out of your control



Everything that happens to you is yours to decide and is in your control, there is no supernatural force, luck, fate or evil agents at all.


Psychologists call this the "external locus of control". This is a kind of fatalism, according to this theory, individual factors have no value in determining and changing lives.


They believe that they can change their luck, change their destiny through superstitious activities


For successful people, their views are completely opposite. For the vast majority of these people they possess the "focal point of internal control". Successful people know for sure one thing that their life is completely dependent on their own actions and responses, even when an event occurs, it is not simply a failure. reception but how you react to it is important.


Are they successful, are they rich by luck? They get it all because they are proactive, ready to challenge new things, dare to step out of their comfort zone, know what they want, and are determined to pursue it to the end. They don't seek to blame fate when things don't go the way they want, but find ways to make things better.


Luck is a coincidence, a chance, not the power to completely change destiny.


Successful and unsuccessful people differ only in how they react to life. When something goes wrong, they quickly find ways to improve it. They don't whine, whine or complain about bad luck. They know how to learn and learn from mistakes to avoid or repair to minimize the next failure.


Remember that your mind determines how you look and act


If you focus on what's happening in your life especially if you consider it "bad luck" then you won't be able to do anything, everywhere you look is dark and difficult.


When you have only one thought in your mind, it seems that the whole universe is against you. As a result, you can do nothing but indulge in negative thoughts and you almost give up, stop trying and believe that nothing can improve this bad luck.


Your fate depends on your choices. When random events happen, as they always do, do you choose to try to use them to your advantage or just complain about them?


Everything that happens in your life is the result of a series of actions you did in the past


Let's think and act positively on you, success is waiting for you!

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