• The best way to built trust-How to rebuilt trust after broken part 3

The best way to built trust-How to rebuilt trust after broken part 3

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Wednesday, 01/06/2016 02:06

Trust can be rebuilt. It takes time, communication and pure hornesty. Let's read on 2quote.net



Getting Ready to Trust Someone Again


Assess the situation. Before you can rebuild trust in someone after they betrayed you, you should first ask yourself if the relationship is one you want to salvage. Ask yourself:

Is this the first time this person betrayed me?

Will I really be able to trust this person again, even if they do everything perfectly from now on?

Am I able to forgive?

Is the relationship I have with this person important enough to fight for?

Is this a one-time mistake or a pattern of behavior?



Consider the person's reaction to the situation. Do they seem genuinely sorry for hurting you, or sorry that they got caught? Are they willing to listen to you and make an effort to do better next time? Are they willing to accept blame?

If they don't seem to truly regret hurting you, or aren't interested in making things better, then this relationship probably isn't worth your time.



Keep an eye out for continued deception. Continue to assess the situation as you progress. After a few weeks to months, you should be able to notice signs of trustworthiness in the person who betrayed you. Trying to determine whether someone is lying is tricky business, but the following clues might signal deception:

People who are lying take longer to respond, and say less when they do.

A liar tells more far-fetched stories and use fewer details. They are also less direct, have more pauses, and use fewer gestures.

Liars are less likely than those telling the truth to correct themselves.

People who lie are more tense. This make their voices sound higher, and they are more likely to fidget.



Express your feelings. Let the person who betrayed you know just how deeply you were hurt by their actions. Most importantly, tell your betrayer exactly what it was that hurt you. Tell them what you need so that you will start trusting that person again. 


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