What is minimalist living?

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Friday, 29/10/2021 09:10

   What is minimalist living?



Minimalist living is currently very popular in the world and is well received by many young people. There are quite a few books written about this lifestyle and are often labeled "Japanese minimalism".


Currently, I have also been following a minimalist lifestyle for a few years, and have a good time reading articles, viewing comments in Minimalism communities. I realize that each person comes to the minimalist lifestyle for a different reason and a different concept.


In this article, I will give opinions and questions to answer questions about minimalist living. There may also be things that you are wondering about minimalist living.


Minimalism What is Minimalism?



Minimalist living is removing unnecessary or unnecessary things, creating a neat living space from which life also becomes simpler.


The definition is short, but when you apply creativity to your life, you will see a large area like the current map of the spread of the Covid epidemic.


What is the purpose of minimalist living?


The purpose of minimalist living is to help us eliminate unnecessary things in life so that we can enjoy life more.


For example, reducing unnecessary furniture will help you have an airy living space, less clutter, do not take too much time to clean the house, and can save money instead of buying unnecessary furniture. necessary anymore.


Fewer clothes also help reduce the load on wardrobe items. We also don't need to think for too long when standing in front of a closet full of clothes and not knowing what to choose as "My lover has nothing to wear" anymore.


What I enjoy most about living a minimalist life is creating a healthy, clean and tidy living environment for myself. You already know that in psychology, the state of the surroundings greatly affects the brain and thinking, right?


A clean and tidy desk helps me focus more on work. A clean and tidy room also helps me love life more. Every clean and tidy WC also helps us… that.hehe.


Minimalist living is 7 days a week wearing only the same clothes?



I once read in an article of a friend in the minimalist community. As this friend shares her minimalist life and what she has gained since minimalist living with the community. The article is very gentle and contributes to the community.


However, there was a young person who commented on your post and felt quite harsh, like saying that living a minimalist life but still having to wear black and gray t-shirts of different colors is not called minimalism, right? If you wear all black T-shirts, black pants, even your underwear is black, it is a minimalistic life, ...


After reading this comment, I can only think: Wtf! Why is living a minimalist life now showing off your achievements and forcing others to live like you?


I think that the young person who is following the "trend" of living a minimalist life is rather choosing a lifestyle to help himself. And I'm applying it according to the bloggers or vloggers on youtube that you see. Does minimalism still mean anything to make you more comfortable and happier? When you go back to the yard, so extreme?


Each person is a different entity, with different interests, habitats, families, and places to live. So live a minimalist life in a way that works for you. Cut out unnecessary things and still feel comfortable instead of applying machines according to others.


Don't make your life minimalist just because you follow the trend and think that if you follow that trend, you will be very cool… you will find yourself like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. It's important to be in tune with yourself. If you live a minimalist life because of the trend, when you feel it is no longer a trend, you will quit it and follow a different lifestyle.


Before, you had a large closet, but now you cut out the unnecessary items. Choosing clothes, neutral colors that can be easily combined with each other is more minimalist, right?


Some of the clothes I bought before had patterns or colors that were a bit difficult to match, now I still wear them until they break. If you buy new clothes, most of them are black, gray, white t-shirts or one-color clothes. Now that I'm used to it, I don't like textured or detailed graphics anymore.


I have rarely used accessories and jewelry such as hats, rings, rings, piercings, and watches, so this account is considered minimalist.


Minimalist living means stingy and miserly?


This is also a point of view that I think is incorrect. Minimalist living is removing unnecessary things to enjoy life, not being stingy, stingy, and dare not buy anything.


On the contrary, it is precisely because you do not buy unnecessary items that you have more money left over to spend on yourself and others.


Instead of buying 10 cheap but rarely used clothes, you buy 3 better quality clothes that can be combined easily, have a longer shelf life and go out of fashion, for example.


What I succeed in living a minimalistic life is to minimize my technology diagram. Before, I was quite a "crazy" technology person.


Is minimalist living more economical?


I think yes, because you will train yourself to buy things according to your needs in a scientific way instead of buying things arbitrarily or just because you see a sale.


We'll get into what's more substantive. Like instead of eating too many dishes, a meal we only need 2-3 nutritious dishes, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. 2-3 dishes to enjoy each meal is great, then we don't need a tray full of food. eating and then harming your own health, right?


Obviously these things are beneficial for both you and your wallet, so why not do it? When I live a minimalist life, the shopping will also be less because I only buy the necessary things, think more carefully before an item instead of on Tiki, Shopee puts a whole bunch of items.


Minimalist river is cutting furniture right?


True but not enough. Minimalist living I think that we should not restrict it only to material things but also to anything related to life such as spirit, relationships, work, social networks, etc.


You can cut out unnecessary elements that are detrimental to the spirit such as game shows, spam, political news, shocking news, etc.


Unfriend or unfollow friends who post negative things that affect us or they have nothing to do with our lives anymore, etc.


Or simply delete social networking apps, apps that are rarely used on the phone to free up memory and last longer battery.


You can see that the interface of my blog is currently relatively minimalist, I have redone the interface to be less colorful and detailed, the toolbar to switch back to a minimalist, easy-to-see, more focused interface. content instead of form.


If this is the first time you come to my blog, I am also a Trader, freelance investor, and my Price Action trading method is also a minimalist method.


This trading method will analyze the market based only on candlesticks to analyze the market's trend instead of adding dozens of complicated and confusing indicators on the chart. And I really love it, no need to depend on tools and understand the true nature of the market, …


Simplicity is also used by me when I make a Youtube channel sharing about Price Action trading with short videos that remove all unnecessary things, focusing only on important knowledge that brings high efficiency.


I'm just giving this example to show everyone that minimalism can be applied to all the messy things in our lives, as long as you're creative in the solution.


Is minimalist living a trend that blooms and fades?


In the past, I think a lot of people lived a minimalist lifestyle, but it has not been widely known as a separate lifestyle as it is now thanks to the explosion of media information.


Perhaps there will also be some people who live minimalistic because following the trend, they may leave it when the "trend" is over. But those who have truly seen the value of minimalism will always stick to this lifestyle. What brings real value I think will last forever.


I have also been following a minimalist lifestyle for a few years, and currently have no intention of changing this, because it is bringing positive things to my life.


Is minimalism a deception of accepting reality in order not to try?


I see a lot of people who do not fully understand the minimalist living often make such comments. Even the channel of a famous speaker I have heard them say similar things.


This is an incorrect notion. Minimalist living helps us reduce our dependence on material things does not mean that we do not try but vice versa. I clearly understand that the value of life does not depend entirely on money and material things, but also on how you live, how you achieve your goals, and enjoy life.


Removing material things also helps us to have more free time because less thinking about what to eat, wear, clean the house, etc. Thought, a well-ventilated environment also helps to work more effectively.


Those are the questions that I think many of you will ask when following a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist living brings positive benefits to us. Hope the above sharing will help you choose this good lifestyle!

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