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Japanese is ranked as one of the most difficult languages to comprehend in the world, perhaps because the living values, aesthetic values and culture of the country of the rising sun are cleverly embedded in the language. . Even though they are just short words with a few syllables, they are all life lessons that are transmitted very subtly, so that when someone speaks or just glimpses somewhere in daily life, We can use that as a guideline to orient our lives.



(Read slowly to ponder)


1. If a problem can be solved, then there is no need to worry about it. If it can't be solved, then there's no point in worrying.


2. Use time to think, liver to act. Once you've acted, don't think.


3. Do not hold on to things that are far away, do not chase away things that are coming.


4. Fast means going slowly without interruption.


5. Better to be an enemy of a good person than a friend of a bad guy.


6. There is no great person without having ordinary people by his side.


7. People who have the desire to rise will think about how to create a ladder for themselves.


8. Husband and wife are like hands and eyes: when the hand hurts, the eyes cry; And when the eyes cry, the hands wipe away the tears.


9. The sun does not know who is right or wrong. It shines and brings warmth to all. If someone made a mistake with you. Please treat them tolerantly, use your tolerance to warm up for the mistakes they make. Like the sun.


10. Frogs sitting at the bottom of the well do not know the vastness of the sea.


11. A long journey always begins with a short journey.


12. Those who drink alcohol do not know the dangers of alcohol, those who do not drink alcohol do not understand its benefits.


13. The sword, although only used once in a lifetime, should always be carried with you.


14. Beautiful flowers do not produce sweet fruit.


15. Sadness is like a torn dress, so just keep it at home.

Torn dress can change to a new one, sad mood needs to cheer itself up.


16. When one falls in love, even the most hideous scar becomes as beautiful as a dimple.


17. You won't fall if you stay in bed.

Only those who dare not walk will never stumble.


18. A good word can keep you warm for three winter months.


19. Always give way to fools and madmen. Arguing with these people will only waste your time, unless you are a psychiatrist.


20. If you want to paint a tree branch, you must hear the breath of the wind.


21. Double check seven times before suspecting someone.


22. Do all you can and leave the rest to fate.


23. Excessive honesty is often next to stupidity.


24. Money always comes to the house with laughter.


25. The one who can endure just half an hour more than his opponent is the one who can achieve victory.


26. When the stone can swim, the leaves will sink.


27. Good at climbing like a monkey, he still sometimes falls from a tree.

Even the best people make mistakes from time to time.


28. Cold tea or cold rice can be tolerated; what can't be tolerated are cold looks and harsh words.


29. If you don't enter the tiger's cage, you won't be able to catch the cubs.


30. If a woman wants something, she will climb a mountain to get it. Everyone has their own ability, the strength lies in the will, regardless of male or female.


31. Ask a question and you feel embarrassed for a moment. Not asking and not knowing means you will be ashamed for the rest of your life.


32. The deepest rivers flow very smoothly.



35. If you decide to take a different journey, you will be alone for thousands of kilometers.


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