• Absorb the things that parents always regret after their children grow up

Absorb the things that parents always regret after their children grow up

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Sunday, 29/08/2021 07:08

Absorb the things that parents always regret after their children grow up





Less communication with children


In the process of growing up, children need a lot of bonding and help from their parents. When your children want you to sit with them, you refuse to do something else. But then you realize, your child has grown up and has a life of his own – a life that has nothing to do with you.


There is no way to turn back lost time. So try to spend time with your children.


Not giving them frequent hugs


Scientists have proven the importance of hugs for physical and mental health. This action brings many benefits, and parents will feel endlessly happy when their children swoop in their lap. Sometimes, for various reasons, parents refuse to give their children hugs.


But when your children are adults, they will refuse your hugs. So enjoy those happy moments while you can.


Do not store pictures of your child


In the future, you will remember the precious moments of your family in the past, and then review the memories with your grown children. Many parents really regret not taking a lot of pictures when their children are young. Despite the advancement of modern technology, photo albums are still the best way to preserve precious photos.


Do not record your children's first words


The child's first speech exercises will be a beautiful memory for parents. Surely, you will be much happier when you reminisce about these memories.


Too serious


Some parents have shared that one of the worst things they've ever done was criticize their children for petty mistakes. This causes the emotional relationship between parents and children will be broken.


Punishing children when they get bad grades will make their performance in school worse. Apply punishment only to serious problems, not petty mistakes that every child makes.


Don't listen to your child's opinion


You may have said many times: "You are too young to decide everything" or "Adults know more, children know nothing". The truth is, being indifferent to the opinions of your children has more serious consequences than insulting them. When their own opinions are ignored, the child grows up feeling insecure. If adults always decide everything for them, how will children know what they need for their own lives?


Let your child choose and make their own decisions. Take the time to discuss and listen to your children's wishes instead of choosing to ignore them.


Doesn't bring much joy to children


The good memories of childhood are really precious to each individual. Simple things, like a fun vacation, can have a huge impact on later life. If children live in a healthy environment, they will develop in a positive way. They will be more adaptable to the situation as they mature.




Listen to the advice of others


Young mothers are often influenced by advice from those around them (even though it may not be appropriate). You will follow the care and parenting instructions of these "experts". Meanwhile, you should be the one who knows best about your child, about what's best for them. Of course, you can listen to other people's ideas for reference, but you don't have to follow them.


You should not let strangers call your child naughty or spoiled. You should be on your child's side so that they feel supported by you.


Not being with your children during the most important period of life



Some things may seem trivial to an adult, but are very important to a child. For example, even if you have a good reason, don't miss your child's birthday party. In the future, you will regret missing out on so many important events in your child's past.



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