• The 3d paintings are so beautiful that you don't want to take your eyes off them

The 3d paintings are so beautiful that you don't want to take your eyes off them

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Thuday, 23/12/2021 09:12

    The 3d paintings are so beautiful that you don't want to take your eyes off them



In today's modern era, the house is no longer simply a place to "stay", it has become a place where family members want to decorate and beautify to somewhat reduce boredom, love love life more. 3D painting is a great way to solve that problem.


Surely the house decorated with 3D paintings will create very special highlights, expressing the owner's personality and sometimes also a way to neutralize the "unlucky" points of those who have an understanding of the style. Water.


What is 3D painting?


It is a type of painting that when looking at us, we feel like we are standing in the middle of a 3-dimensional space, feeling like the real thing. It is a harmonious combination of color, composition, light and highlights creating a "3D" feeling.


3D printed paintings are inherently a high-tech painting, requiring the imagination and good senses of the artist (artist) to create true-to-life pictures, deceiving the viewer's eyesight. at first glance.


3D wall paintings and 3D wall paintings


These are the two most popular schools of painting today, each painting genre has its own beauties, with wall paintings being modern, new and full of emotions, while wall paintings are style. Classic, romantic and full of nostalgia.


The cases where people choose to print murals are with a large area, can decorate a very large wall, imagine how beautiful and prominent those murals will be.


And vice versa, 3D wall paintings are usually 1-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel or 5-panel paintings (also known as set paintings). Wall murals are suitable for small spaces.


3D wall murals


Wall paintings are printed on silk fabric, with the same printing colors: oil ink (China), UV ink (USA) with glossy or embossed level 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 500% and The current highest floating level is 800%.


Favorite 3D painting themes


– 3D window painting (window painting looks like opening a space, a separate sky).

– 3D imitation jade paintings (jewel paintings are high-class paintings, the embossed lines that create lifelike pearls are the most popular paintings in the supply of paintings).

– 3D animal paintings (tiger painting, stork painting, peacock painting, dragon painting, phoenix painting, horse painting, chicken painting…).

– 3D paintings of aquariums, fish tanks (aquariums, arowanas, carp, goldfish, carp turned dragons, carp Hoa Son are always in the top best sellers).

- 3D paintings of landscapes, trees bring into the room an extremely lively space, you feel like you are lost in a green forest.

- 3D paintings of the sea (beach, seascape).

- 3D feng shui painting (a combination of colors, the owner's destiny and texture creates a feng shui picture with good luck).

– Successful unique 3D paintings, religious, decorative wall paintings.

- 3D paintings of people.

- 3D paintings for babies (cartoon characters, animals, 3D drawings of comic characters, colors... for children to freely play, increase intelligence and help children have space to play).


Not the drawings on the wall


Many people still confuse wall paintings with drawings on the wall, paintings are a form of hand-drawn painting by the artist's hands, beautiful paintings or not requires skillful hands as well as aesthetic ability. , the person's art must be good.


Showing a wall painting is not easy, so choosing 3D wall murals is also a good choice for picture lovers. Of course, each genre has its own beautiful drawings, it all depends on the preferences of each person. Don't forget that painting is not cheap either.


See more beautiful 3D painting samples:


Or the romance for the couple – family


The mystery like in a fairy tale will come to your baby



Imitation window paintings open up a whole new space


Fake waterfall murals



Pearl pattern painting with details like real jade



The combination of peony - carp



Country landscape painting



Paintings with religious themes are indispensable in the spiritual life of the people



Oil painting fake wall paintings



The combination of people and space with modern style



Painting 4D, 5D with embossed pattern 100% – 800%



Model 3D wall paintings of natural landscapes


Eagle painting



Painting the road landscape with mystery



Big Bill Rizer


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