The funniest photos of March 2022

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Monday, 04/04/2022 08:04

    The funniest photos of March 2022


1. My friend got to Ireland a couple hours ago and immediately sent a snap of someone just carrying a swan out of a park.



2. I've been singing the wrong lyrics for years!



3. I feel attacked!



4. Same



5. Seeing it all.



6. Never thought I’d see such an aberration in my local pizza store.



7. My new Marvel Lego set came with Fat Thor.



8. Somebody added a cast-iron skillet to their brick wall.



9. About 4 years later...



10. The day Chewbacca shaved.



11. Ah, the age-old question.



12. Kitchen the heart is the of the home.



13. This leaf looks a little like a shocked lion.



14. For April Fools, I did the ol’ switcheroo with yogurt and watched my students gaze in disgusted horror as I casually ate during class.




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