Famous Quotes of Billionaire Jack Ma

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Famous Quotes of Billionaire Jack Ma



Jack Ma (Ma Van) is an extremely influential businessman in China in particular and Asia in general with a huge fortune. Jack Ma is currently one of the richest people in the world. He is considered a role model for startups, and he is also known for his inspirational quotes for young people as well as entrepreneurs.



1. If you don't give up you will still have a chance.


2. Successful people never complain.


3. If you want to grow, look at the opportunity.


4. People need a love index to succeed.


5. The most important thing you should have is patience.


6. I don't want to be liked, I want to be respected.


7. The world is not interested in what you say but what you do.


8. You need the right person for you, not the best person.


9. If we want to change the world. Change yourself first.


10. Your team will succeed when someone with a different perspective leads.


11. If you are small, you should focus on intelligence, not physical strength.


12. I failed and tried again, failed and tried again until I succeeded.


13. If you don't take action, nothing is possible.


14. If you treat people like enemies, they will become your enemies.


15. No one is a superhero. If you want to be successful, you have to be realistic.


16. The most important thing is not money but like-minded people.


17. The more you fail, the more you show that you are not far from success.


18. A lot of people in this world can be friends, but not partners.


19. You are not the only one who makes the whole team successful, but the whole team makes you successful.


20. Believe and love the work you are doing whether there are people who like it or not.


21. Truly glorious tomorrow depends on the choices and actions you make today.


22. There are 3 success factors: Right time, right people and preparation for the 10-year journey.


23. Don't be disappointed when rejected, don't be sad when you fail, this is just a test of life.


24. Failure is not important to me, what is important is that I will pass on what I learn to others.


25. The so-called Gentleman is the one who opens your vision, takes you to a new world.


26. We learn very little from the successes of others, but learn a great deal from their failures.



27. If your decisions are different from what your friends do, your life will be different too.


28. When you're 25 years old, make mistakes, don't worry. If you fall, get up, if you fail, get up again.


29. If you are a strong team, know what you want to do, one person on the team can beat ten.


30. When people say “this”, you have to ask yourself “Why not that?”. You have to be different.


31. Today is harsh, tomorrow is even harder, but if you try, the day after tomorrow will be bright.


32. If you want to do good business you need a good team, find the right person, not the best person.


33. You can learn from your competitors, but never copy. If you copy from your opponent, you lose.


34. Do not make employees think that they are going to work to serve the interests of the leader. Lead them towards a common goal.


35. We should not be afraid to fail, we should enjoy failure and unsatisfactory moments to rise from it.


36. We must learn from the mistakes of others, not always from success stories. We have to know why they failed.


37. Life's greatest luck is neither finding money nor winning the lottery, but having someone who can lead you to a higher platform.


38. No matter what you did today, you will be successful tomorrow. Remember, if you are in business today, you will be successful in 10 years.


39. Actually limiting your development is not your intelligence or academic ability but the group of relationships in your life, the group of relationships in your work.


40. Do business or whatever, don't be ashamed if you don't know. But it's shameful not to know but to pretend to know. I don't know anything about Bitcoin.


41. What is the best way to talk? Stupid people talk with their mouths, smart people talk with their brains, and wise people talk with their hearts.


42. I learned a lot from my mistakes, from my failures. I was never afraid of them because I know everyone's life is like that, there are many mistakes and failures.


43. Make your company a fun, creative place. Money is important, without money no one is happy, but if you only have money, you won't be truly happy from the heart.


44. The poor only know how to teach you how to be poorer. You only know how to push you to play cards. Drinking friends only know how to push you to empty your glass. Successful people only teach you how to be successful.


45. When you're in your 20s and 30s, what you need to find is a good boss, not a good company. When you're 40-50, you should do what you're good at. When you're 50-60, what you have to do is give young people a chance. More than 60 at home with grandchildren.


46. ​​I tell myself that we are not born to work but to enjoy life. We live to make things better for each other and not


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