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1. Light bulb



Linda Huber did this amazing pencil drawing in about 20 to 30 hours. The drawing appears so real and alive, it looks more like a photograph than painted.


2. The Hobbit



This photo depicts a scene from the first film of the popular series The Hobbit, where Martin Freeman and the dwarves are in his house in Bag End. It looks exactly like a photograph taken against a black and white background.


3. The rose is wet with night dew



Hungarian painter, Myhályi Anita - specializes in creating surrealist works, the author of this painting also owns an extensive portfolio with countless works of art in many genres.


4. Maiden



The picture was painted by the famous painter Rajacenna. It shows her amazing ability to create works of art with only pencils but makes it difficult for viewers to distinguish them from photographs. Besides, what makes everyone extremely surprised is that she has never attended any formal art classes, and only started drawing at the age of 16 (she is 22 years old this year).


5. The land of ice



This photo makes a strong impression on people, because of all the small details outlined inside it: from people, houses, trees and snow...


6. Ice bucket challenge



This photo was drawn based on a real image of a man doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Water drops have been reproduced vividly in the photo.


7. Cars



The drawing was done by accident by the man behind this Audi, when he was very young. And now, this artist has perfected his skills, he can draw many surreal works of art with just a pencil like this picture.


8. Wolverine



One of the main characters of the X-Men blockbuster, Wolverine's image is faithfully reproduced through a 3D model drawn with pencil.


9. Tiger



If drawing surrealist people with pencil is difficult, drawing animals is even more difficult, because of details such as their fur or beard. However, that did not stop Paul Lung - who made this painting, to recreate this tiger in a realistic and vivid way.


10. Audrey Hepburn


One of the artworks of Martijn Versteeg - painter from the Netherlands. This is just one of many paintings he has painted of the famous actress Audrey Hepburn. It took him 30 hours to complete this drawing.


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