10 Short Positive Quotes Which Will Brighten Up Your Day

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Tueday, 09/06/2020 09:06

Sometime we can feel a bit dull in the morning and we need to produce our own sunshine energy. Other times we come downstairs feeling sunny already. Those are great days!


Whether you’re feeling a little blue, or you’re fired up ready to have the best day ever. Either way, I think we can all do with a bit more spark to help us perform miracles and live in joy.


So here are 10 wonderful, short positive quotes that my amazing colleague Hayley has collected for you. They will brighten up any day, so much that you’ll be having to wear sunglasses all the time.


1. When you’re playing small and want to break out of your current limitations.


2. When you’re feeling blue or things are a little flat.


3. When you want to make your life feel better and your thoughts more positive.


4. When you want to take control of your life and make the most of everything around you.


5. When you want to experience more good things in your life but you’ve been focused on the problems.


6. When good things are taking too long to manifest and you’re starting to lose faith.


7. When you’ve had a bit of a meltdown and you feel negative about yourself.


8. When you’re experiencing difficulties in life and it feels like you’re going backwards.


9. When you want to grow a more positive and abundant attitude.


10. When you want to be, or feel, more in charge of your feelings and results.


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