Important things to remember when traveling abroad

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   Important things to remember when traveling abroad



Traveling will bring you new experiences. But when you come to a foreign country, you must be equipped with the most basic knowledge so as not to be surprised and always be a polite person.

Here are some suggestions from for those who want to be lovable travelers and have no problems on their journey:


1. Learn carefully the culture of the destination


Surprise, confusion, even frustration are inevitable things when you come to a new country, especially that place has a different culture from your own. So to avoid stumbling on sudden emotions, which sometimes put you in a dilemma, you should research carefully about the country or territory you are going to. And that is the first luggage for the trip.


2. Avoid Conflict


During your travels, there are times when you will feel like a fool for handling a bad situation. So prepare yourself with defensive "weapons". And the most effective "weapon" is to say "I'm sorry" whenever feeling awkward. You may even be cursed by the locals. Be prepared if you find yourself in situations like this.


3. Dress appropriately


Choosing what to wear when going to special places is also a thing to keep in mind. At this point you need to be more sensible than trendy. For example, if you go to places that belong to Buddhism or Islam, wearing short clothes is taboo, especially for women. Western women when coming to Asia are considered to dress too cool. Therefore, it is necessary to dress modestly, two-piece tops or dresses that are too short to stay at home, or need to have outerwear.


4. Be polite


As a tourist, you will be warmly welcomed at your destination. But in return, you also have to behave politely with the natives. If you don't do your research, you can sometimes become a cannon fodder. For example, in many Asian countries, using the wrong chopsticks can be interpreted as rude. Go to bars in Australia, if you keep your glasses down. , you can be seen as challenging the whole shop.It's best to look around before doing something.


5. Respect for religion


In temples in many countries, you will have to leave your hat outside before entering. For Buddhism, you should not point at the statues, especially with just… feet. If sitting opposite a Buddha statue, it is best to keep your toes away from the statue. In Muslim temples, you must cover your head when entering. For Islam and Buddhism, take off your shoes before entering the temple. With Hinduism, it is best to leave leather items at the temple door. And a general note for those visiting temples of any religion: Dress modestly.


6. Emotional restraint


If you are an emotional person, it is best not to do it in public in many Southeast Asian countries and Japan. If you're traveling as a couple, don't show affection in public but do it at home, as you might make the locals feel uncomfortable.


7. Exclusively for sisters


If you are female, when visiting Muslim countries, be aware that many temples prohibit women. In many Eastern countries, women sitting alone at bars and discos are not recommended. So if you are the weaker sex, do your research carefully.


8. Be careful when taking pictures


Behave politely when you want to take pictures of locals, especially by turning on the flash to shine directly at them. In some cases, you have to pay for each photo taken. So look around, ask the photographer's opinion before shooting.


9. Preserve the environment


Where there are more tourists, there is more pressure to protect the environment. Therefore, prepare well for yourself to please the locals by protecting the environment. The bottles you bring, it's best to find a trash can if you want to dispose of them. Use public transport, bicycle or walk to reduce pollution… Somehow, prove yourself to be a person who knows how to protect the environment.


Wish you have a very happy travel and make many memorable memories!

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