• 25 Richard Branson quotes that make you want to shake off your boring, boring lifestyle in no time!

25 Richard Branson quotes that make you want to shake off your boring, boring lifestyle in no time!

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Sunday, 13/02/2022 10:02

    25 Richard Branson quotes that make you want to shake off your boring, boring lifestyle in no time!



Richard Brandson - British speaker was born on July 18, 1950. He is a world famous speaker in the field of youth entrepreneurship.

He always brings optimism, confidence and courage to young people. He is the owner of the famous saying, very loved by young people "Screw it, let's do it" - Ignore it, let's do it - bringing excitement and inspiration to young people today. .

Instead of worrying, worrying about calculating the numbers and failures that we may encounter when starting a business, boldly try and develop yourself, you will realize your limitations. body you never thought of.


Richard Branson started his business at the age of 15, when he and his friends founded a magazine. According to Forbes magazine, he is the 12th richest billionaire in the UK, with a total net worth of about 5 billion USD.

Richard Branson is one of the most influential businessmen in the world, comparable to legends like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. He is famous for his personality and different philosophies.

Here are 25 quotes from successful optimistic businessman Richard Branson. At first glance, these sayings are purely business related, but if you think deeply, there are many sayings that everyone should apply not only in business but in other areas of life.



1. If you are an entrepreneur but have never made a mistake, you are not a real entrepreneur.


2. If you don't like what you're doing, don't do it.


3. I always see business as no different from entertainment. Anytime I think I'm working, my personal life begins.


4. My self-esteem has never stopped me from realizing my mistakes


5. I'm always happy when I have to experience bad customer service. It's not that I'm an easy person, it's just that the best ideas come to me when I see other people's bad work.


6. My willingness to listen to others and absorb their ideas when those ideas are better than mine has no doubt helped me over the past 40 years as an entrepreneur.


7. You will not be able to do business if you have narrow and reserved thinking. It is the thing that cuts your wings, makes you weak, and makes you unable to realize what you want.


8. Never let the word "impossible" stop you from pursuing your dreams and ideas.


9. For me, creating a business is something I can be proud of – because it can bring together talented people and change the lives of those around you.


10. Don't be afraid to take calculated risks. Surely you will never regret if you take the chance.


11. Promising little but delivering a lot is much better than promising too much and delivering little.


12. For me, there is nothing worse than hearing an employee apologize for the behavior of their boss.


13. In business as well as in life, working well is very important.


14. I prefer talking to people face-to-face than communicating with them through a screen.


15. Remember that. No one is about to enter the afterlife and sit there and regret spending so little time at the office.


16. I'm still an entrepreneur even when I'm wearing a bathrobe. Wearing a suit has never worked wonders, giving me some amazing business skills.


17. As soon as something doesn't interest me anymore, I start thinking about making a change. Life is too short to feel unhappy all the time and look unhappy.


18. In every business, every leader from CEO to manager should sometimes roll up his sleeves and work with employees.


19. An entrepreneur should not view failure as a negative experience. That's just part of the learning curve.


20. Never think that luck will automatically come to you. You have to try to get lucky.


21. What I always aim to do is keep my promises.


22. An established company must improve and enrich the lives of others. If that's not the case, it shouldn't exist.


23. Make friends with your enemies. This is a principle that should not only be applied in business, but should be applied in life as well.


24. If you ask me, what do I trust the most, I will answer: My family


25. I fully believe that nothing in this life is impossible.


Hope you learn a lot of useful things from this article!

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