• Fierce Quotes That’ll Help You Conquer Anything

Fierce Quotes That’ll Help You Conquer Anything

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Below are 10 Best Fierce Quotes That’ll Help You Conquer Anything:

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Fierce Quotes

1. Who, in the lusty stealth of nature, take More composition and fierce quality Than doth, within a dull, stale, tired bed, Go to the creating a whole tribe of fops Got 'tween asleep and wake?


2. Why do people say 'grow some balls'? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you want to be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.

 - Sheng Wang


3. In the middle of the last century there was comparatively little movement of workmen from place to place:;; but Adam Smith's fierce attack on the law of settlement shows that migration was on the increase. The world was, in fact, on the eve of an industrial revolution:;; and it is interesting to remember that the two men who did most to bring it about, Adam Smith and James Watt, met, as I have mentioned, in Glasgow, when one was dreaming of the book, and the other of the invention, which were to introduce a new industrial age.

- Arnold Toynbee


4. Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

- Elizabeth Taylor


5. Not half so swift the trembling doves can fly, When the fierce eagle cleaves the liquid sky; Not half so swiftly the fierce eagle moves, When thro' the clouds he drives the trembling doves.

- Alexander Pope


6. The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.

- Roseanne Barr


7. As boys without bonds to their fathers grow older and more desperate about their masculinity, they are in danger of forming gangs in which they strut their masculinity for one another, often overdo it, and sometimes turn to displays of fierce, macho bravado and even violence.

- Frank Pittman


8. I won't cry for you, my mascara is too expensive.

- Adriana Lima


9. Beautiful city! so venerable, so lovely, so unravaged by the fierce intellectual life of our century, so serene!?whispering from her towers the last enchantments of the Middle Age? Home of lost causes, and forsaken beliefs, and unpopular names, and impossible loyalties!

- Matthew Arnold


10. I like being a woman in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.

- Whitney Houston


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