• The dictatorial statements of the sinners of humanity - Nazi boss Adolf Hitler

The dictatorial statements of the sinners of humanity - Nazi boss Adolf Hitler

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   The dictatorial statements of the sinners of humanity - Nazi boss Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria-Hungary (present-day Austria). His mother was of Austrian descent, and his father was a customs officer. When he was a child, Hitler was often taught by his father to whip his teeth. Before becoming a fascist boss who committed a series of crimes that made humanity shudder, Hitler dreamed of being a painter, but he failed the entrance exam to the Vienna Academy of Arts.

In addition to the terrible crimes that cannot be washed away, Hitler has many memorable statements that to this day, his words are still remembered by everyone.



1. Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.

2. I don't want to be a civil servant, no, a thousand times no. I was chilled to the core at the meaning of sitting in an office, losing all freedom, no longer controlling my time.

3. The doom of a nation can only be prevented by strong passion, but only passionate people can arouse passion in others.

4. Think 1000 times before deciding. Once decided, never go back even with 1000 difficulties.

5. I only fight for what I love, only love what I respect, and only respect what I know.

6. When you win, you don't need to explain. If you lose, you shouldn't be here to explain.

7. Don't compare yourself to others. If you do, you are offending yourself.

8. The winner never tells the truth if he is asked.

9. Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who don't want to fight in the world of eternal struggle are not worth living.

10. It is always more difficult to resist faith than it is to resist knowledge.


Sayings of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler about war


1. Germany will either be a world power or nothing at all.

→ After Germany surrendered in World War II, with his eloquence Hitler used this phrase to strike a psychological blow to the German people's belief in a future powerful country.


2. What could the torchlighters of war in Europe wish for but chaos?


3. Strength is not in the defense but in the attack.

→ As an aggressor, it is not surprising that this statement of Hitler, for him, the one who can control the war is the one who deals the most powerful blows.


Hitler's Comments on the Art of Rhetoric and Propaganda


1. The broad masses are attracted by rhetoric more easily than by other means.

2. The force in history that has created religious and political whirlwinds since time immemorial is the magical power of words and only words. The masses can only be provoked by the power of words. Every great movement is a mass movement, an explosion of passion and human emotion.

3. Do the big lie, keep it simple and repeat it over and over, eventually they will believe it.

4. When you tell a lie big enough and enough, the crowd believes it to be the truth.

→ Hitler was a man of great eloquence, he practiced this skill a lot because he found the Austrian Social Democrats successful because they knew how to create mass movement, connect and create a collective solidarity through the art of propaganda. And it is true that his eloquence greatly helped him during his reign.


Adolf Hitler's Dictatorships


1. General education is the most silent and destructive poison that liberalism has invented to destroy.

→ The reason for having a one-sided view about studying is because Hitler was a "bad student", his grades were not very good. Even at the age of 6, he had to change schools because of his poor academic performance, for a while. then dropped out of school.


2. It is sinfully foolish if one insists on teaching a half-monkey until it turns out to be what one calls lawyers, while millions are of the highest cultured race. suffered a lowly position.


3. Indian nationalists often amaze me with their stammering theories without any real ability.

→ One of Hitler's most condemnable thoughts is that the German people are the navel of the universe, the superior blood, and any other nation is not worthy to exist. Among them the Jews are considered the person that Hitler hated the most. He was able to directly massacre millions of Jews like this because there was a Jew who did not cure his mother's illness and the Jews were also the most powerful force in the anti-monarchy movement. of Germany.

4. The happy days of mankind have passed.

5. Humanism is an expression of ignorance and cowardice.

6. To be successful, it is first necessary to commit violence regularly, permanently, and never to change.

7. Humanity has thrived in endless struggle and will stop growing if peace reigns.

8. Frustrate the enemy from within with surprise, terror, sabotage, and assassination. It is the war of the future.

→ Hitler always had extreme thoughts in his head, which turned into a cruel, cold-blooded fascist boss. Those who stood in his way and made him unsatisfactory all died.


Hitler was a dictator of Germany, under his rule in the period 1933 - 1945 Hitler committed countless horrifying crimes against humanity, in which the Holocaust was cruel and bloody. coldest.

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