Top 7 most important things a girl needs

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Tueday, 21/09/2021 11:09

   Top 7 most important things a girl needs


Nowadays everyone wants to have a happy and joyful life, especially women. They always want to be cared for, loved, and lived to the fullest. But they do not know that it is only themselves that can give themselves the happiest and most perfect life. What does a girl need to have to prepare for her life, to make her life meaningful? Here are the essential and most important things that every girl needs to draw for her own life.


1.The strong

I choose strength first because I think it is a necessary and most important quality for every girl. Being strong here is being mentally strong, living a life of your own choosing, making your own decisions, daring to do and dare to take responsibility.




Being strong is being strong in thought, standing in front of stumbles and challenges in love, in work, in life, always knowing how to rise up and get up on your own, not weak to cry or fall. Always know what path I should go, what I can do and dare to dream, dare to sacrifice myself for my dreams.


2. Independence

If a girl wants to be truly happy, she must be independent. Because you know that no one is responsible for your life but yourself. Independence in life is completing your own work and plans, with your own strength and intelligence, without relying on or calling for help from anyone else.


Only by being independent can you be respected and loved the way you want. An independent girl is a girl who always makes others admire.


3. Wisdom

The necessary condition for independence or strength is wisdom. Because intelligence is the factor that makes a person's value. With knowledge, you can study, work, create, explore and renew yourself, and improve your self-worth.


With knowledge, you can know where you are wrong, where you are right and what to look for for your goals and intentions. A smart and understanding girl will know how to make her life rich and happy.


4. Honesty

Not only in a girl, but everyone needs to keep their honesty. Because honesty is the key to connecting people together.


More than anyone else, a girl must have in her honesty, sympathy, sacrifice, sharing and helping people. That's how she becomes more beautiful in everyone's eyes.




5. Temper

Temperament is obtained from strength, independence, wisdom and honesty in the soul. Along with certain experiences in life, from tripping or encountering difficulties, each girl will improve herself in a more positive direction.


Aura is not something that everyone can have. It helps a girl become more attractive and attractive.


6. Believe in yourself

Nature is inherently fair, not taking too much from anyone, nor giving too much to anyone. Each person has a unique beauty to discover, from appearance, personality to soul.



So, be confident in yourself and shine at the potential you have. Maybe you don't have a perfect body, a fair complexion, your family isn't rich, or you don't have a healthy body. But you are lucky because you were born to be yourself, confidently live with what you have.


7. Always renew yourself

Whether you are a gentle girl or a personality, always be conscious of renewing yourself. Maybe every day you are faithful to the feminine style, one fine day try to wear a pair of dusty jeans, an arrogant shirt and go out to the street to enjoy coffee with friends. Or change your hairstyle every now and then, put on a little blush, put on a little lipstick and go down the street. Trying to live a different person's life with a normal everyday lifestyle can be fun sometimes.


Even the habit, if life keeps circling around like a pre-programmed machine, how boring it is to go to work every day, and at night to hug a chattering bed. Even when friends are not around, trying to dress up in the style you like, going to a cafe alone listening to the guitar, reading a book, sipping a cup of coffee is equally interesting.


Try to be a girl who has all the 7 qualities above!

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