• Check out these beautiful minimalist photos of 2022

Check out these beautiful minimalist photos of 2022

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Sunday, 18/09/2022 08:09

     Check out these beautiful minimalist photos of 2022

According to photography news site Petapixel, the "Minimalist Photography Awards" is a competition initiated by B&W Minimalist magazine, to help photographers express their artistic abilities from the simplest things.

According to Petapixel, throughout its 4 years of organization, the "Minimalist Photography Awards" has left a great impression on the hearts of viewers by honoring the simplest things that are of great value to art.

Photos from simple things seem to be easy to record, but it takes photographers a lot of time and effort to make.

This year's contest has the participation of many photographers in 43 different countries with 3,400 photos submitted.



“Forms of Murmurations” is the work of German photographer Daniel Dencescu. This is a photo that took Dencescu 200 hours in pursuit of starling birds - Photo: DANIEL DENCESCU



The photo was taken by photographer Tamás Wachsler in Hungary. The work called "After a long day" depicts the scene of some guests resting after a hard day - Photo: TAMÁS WACHSLER



The owner of the work "In Time" is Allen Koppe, who tried to create a myth between reality and fantasy. Through “In Time”, Koppe hopes viewers can reflect on future isolation, where majestic animals seem to be lost among the ruins of humanity - Photo: ALLEN KOPPE



The work titled "Huts" is the work of photographer Martin Annand. This is a work he took at random - Photo: MARTIN ANNAND



Pictured is a night scene taken by photographer Brian Kosoff. The owner of the photo shared that this is a scene that helps Kosoff be busier at night. The work is called "Night Series" - Photo: BRIAN KOSOFF



This is a photo by photographer Fredrik Gille with the support of dancers William Dugan, So Yeon Kim, Madeline Woo. The photo is titled “Dancers in Black & White” - Photo: FREDRIK GILLE



The work called "Last Night I Dreamt I Knew How to Swim" was taken by photographer Natalie Christensen - Photo: NATALIE CHRISTENSEN



“Memories” is a work taken by photographer Benjamin Briones Grandi. The photo was created based on the inspiration from the book "The Mansions" by author Teresa Ávila and the human memory recording mechanism - Photo: BENJAMIN BRIONES GRANDI


The photo "A river in Southern Iceland" is the work of photographer Daniel Franc. This is a work that captures the beautiful scenery of a river in the land of ice islands - Photo: DANIEL FRANCE


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