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After a Loved One Passes...

Be encouraged by their passing and legacy. Instead of crying, live an inspired, spiritual and happy life like they did when they were here. Live each day with encouragement knowing that they are proud and smiling down on your from Heaven - Matt Fraser.

quotes about pass away

Quotes about passing away

1. Those we love don't go away, the walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed.

~ Mhar


2. When someone you love has passed away, never lookk down to the floor with sadness. Instead, keep your head held high and look to the heavens, for that is where your heart has been sent to heal itself and those who have passed will live inside our hearts forever.


3. It breaks my heart when I hear someone passing away before their time...but in reality, no day is promised to anyone and every day is an important one...Are you living your life the way you want to be remembered?

~ Karen Kostyla


4. If tears could build a stairway and Memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you Home again.


5. When someone you love dies..You never quite get over it. You just slowly learn how to go on without them, but always keeping them tucked safely in your Heart

 quotes about passing away

Quotes about passing away

6. Because someone we love is in heaven there's a little bit of heaven in our home.


7. Never.

We never lose our loved ones They accompany us, they don't disappear from our lives. We are merely in different rooms.

~ Paulo Coelho, Aleph


8. So many hearts are hurting today thinking of a lost loved one...

I pray God will help each and everyone to find a way to keep the sweet memories alive, to heal their broken hearts and keep them open to face another day because life will move on and the sun will shine again.

~ Karen Kostyla


9. The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that theri loved ones are safe in the hand of God.


10. The hardest part of losing someone, isn't having to say goodbye, but rather learning to live without them. Always trying to fill the void, the emptiness that's left inside your heart when they go.


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