• 10 valuable lessons from the novel "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

10 valuable lessons from the novel "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

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   10 valuable lessons from the novel "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho



Paulo Coelho (born August 24, 1947; pronounced "Pao-lu Koe-lhu") is a famous Brazilian novelist.



Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He attended law school, but dropped out in 1970 to travel through Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, as well as Europe and North Africa. Two years later, he returned to Brazil and began composing pop lyrics. He collaborated with pop musicians like Raul Seixas. In 1974, he was briefly imprisoned for his activities against the dictatorship of that time in Brazil.


His books have sold more than 86 million copies in 150 countries and have been translated into 56 languages. He has received many awards from many countries, in which the work Veronika decide to die (Veronika decide morrer) was nominated for the International Dublin IMPAC Literature Prize.


His novel The Alchemist (O Alquimista), a poetic tale, has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide and been translated into 56 languages. The work was later made into a movie, produced by Lawrence Fishburne, because the actor was a huge fan of Coelho. His other works include The Pilgrimage (O diário de um mago) (which was inspired by the Arxel Tribe company to build a computer game), By the River Piedra I sat down and cried (Na margem do rio Piedra eu) sentei e chorei) and Female Warriors (As Valkírias). His 2005 novel - O Zahir - was banned in Iran, 1000 copies were confiscated [1], but later re-released.


Paulo Coelho's work is on the bestseller lists in many countries, including Brazil, Great Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Israel and Greece. He is considered the best-selling Portuguese author of all time.


Despite his many successes, many critics in Brazil still regard him as an ordinary author, arguing that his works are too simplistic and more like a self-help book. There are also people who think that his novels have too much "commercial" nature. The fact that he was admitted to the Academy of Brazilian Literature (ABL) caused much controversy in the Brazilian reader community and within the Academy itself.


He and his wife Christina settled in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Tarbes (France).


10 valuable lessons from the novel "The Alchemist"


1. Fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself


Pursuing something new always requires you to step out of your comfort zone and into new territory - and this can be scary sometimes. However, sometimes fear becomes an obstacle greater than all others.


Therefore, when overcoming fear, or rather overcoming yourself, miracles will come. The valuable experience that you have when you choose to follow your dreams, your passion will overcome your fears and be the motivation to overcome difficulties.


2. Don't get caught up in the monotonous rut


Your attitude is a game changer. It pushes you to find the good, the interesting every day. And once you've done that, you'll definitely find them.


Your life or work can easily become dull, boring, and monotonous. But they completely depend on your perspective and point of view. You, no one else, are the one who chooses to see a glass of water half empty, or half full.


3. Take the first step


On the journey to pursue your dream, many times you will feel overwhelmed by unknown variables. That makes taking the first step extremely difficult. However, have the courage to do this because most people who dare to follow their dreams share the same regret: why didn't they start sooner.


4. The "right" decision will last forever


On the journey to find the "right" decision, there are always many challenges. In life, as well as in the entrepreneurial journey, you may encounter many moments of "glorious light" or "brilliant stars", but making the "right" decisions about what really means never changes or disappears, and is always waiting for you to discover.


5. Appreciate the present



There's no point in dwelling on the past forever, letting it shape you, influencing you too much, or worrying about the future.


What has been done cannot be changed, while what has not happened you cannot force it to happen. The crux of everything can only be changed with your own hands in the present, the reality of what is happening in real time.


You need to live in the present moment to make meaningful decisions. You can't change the direction of a bullet after firing - inaccurate aiming is the result of you not paying attention to the present. The past is the foundation, the future is the goal, but the key is still in the present.


6. Success has a ripple effect


Development, change, evolution are the threads in the fabric of reality. Becoming a better version of yourself creates a ripple effect, having a positive impact on everything around you: your lifestyle, family, friends, and community.


7. Be unrealistic


Many great inventions will never be born if people accept the world as it is.


Great success, great invention always starts with crazy brains. Starting a business too, reality is important, but also don't forget the impracticality of your journey to be different and reach out. The bottom line is that you need to know how to balance them.


8. Focus on your choices


Once you've chosen your path, stick with it and don't let yourself be swayed by the opinions of others.


Time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life, going someone else's journey. Still, there's nothing wrong with listening to advice or learning from someone, as long as they share your vision, passion, and desire.


9. Always get up after failure


The secret of life is this: fail 7 times but get up 8 times. Because the 8th stand up can be the time when you are strongest and invincible.


Even Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before creating the electric light bulb. Writer J.K. Rowling was also rejected by 12 publishers before the first Harry Potter book hit shelves and became one of the most influential works of literature.


Paulo Coelho himself is also a "witness" that daring to get up after failure will bring many sweet fruits.


The Alchemist was originally released in Brazil in 1988, but sold only 900 copies in its first year, prompting the publisher to cancel the contract with the author. However, Paulo remained determined to the path he chose, and became one of the most loved Latin American writers in the world.


10. Always take action


There are no shortcuts to success that are not through action. The journey of starting a business, like the journey of life, will bring you many valuable lessons, as long as you take action and are consistent with your actions.


Wish you success with the lessons of Paulo Coelho given above by 2quotes.net!

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