• Lessons from '7 habits of successful young people'

Lessons from '7 habits of successful young people'

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   Lessons from '7 habits of successful young people'


The profound lessons of human life are shared in the book by author Sean Covey.

Sean Covey (October 24, 1931 – July 16, 2012) is best known for his famous book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, the bedside book of leaders and leaders. like the giants of the world.

He wrote 7 Habits of Successful Young People in 1989, has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, translated into 40 different languages. In 2002, Forbes magazine included it in its list of the 10 most influential management books in the world ever.


Habit 1: Having a Positive Attitude Different from many dry theoretical books, Sean Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens is written in a playful, witty, concise, easy-to-understand style, with lots of stories. Realistic and meaningful, interesting poems, cute and vivid illustrations still draw lessons from 7 habits of successful young people.


We can only control one thing: “Attitude to life”. Being positive and proactive is the first step to conquering yourself. This is why the first habit is the key and is mentioned first by the author. The first habit says, “I am the source of my strength. I am the direction of my life. I can change circumstances. I am responsible for my own happiness and unhappiness. I am the pilot of the ship of destiny, not a passenger.”


Habit 2: Knowing the future direction


With specific instructions in this second habit, Sean Covey helps readers identify tasks to achieve their goals in life. Habit 2 says: "You are the one to decide your future, don't let life go by boringly".


Habit 3: Don't leave today's work for tomorrow


The third habit is the hardest, it requires courage. Sean Covey lays out the universal formula for success with step-by-step instructions to help you do just that. Accordingly, you create the habit of arranging work, reasonable time must know the priority, what is important, do it first.


Habit 4: Think win-win


The fourth habit is the foundation for getting along well with people. In fact, society is not a race to beat others. That can happen in the fields but is the very situations created by oneself. In a romantic relationship, the fruits of the spirit of "win-win", are the materials that make up life.


Habit 5: Listening to understand and to be understood


The author sends readers an important lesson: "You have two ears to hear but only one mouth to speak". This habit seems easy to everyone, but it is actually very difficult. Many people like to talk first and listen later, which is why in many areas or their daily love relationships there are always problems and not as expected. Therefore, in order to achieve what you want, you must be patient and listen sincerely.


Habit 6: Have a spirit of cooperation


The meaning of this lesson if you have the spirit of cooperation, this is the reward, the sweet fruit, the success after self-improvement due to practicing good habits, especially about win-win thinking and attitude. know how to listen and understand others. You should have the spirit of synergy to work to achieve the highest efficiency.


Habit 7: Know how to practice and develop skills



Lessons on how to practice and develop skills are indispensable in life for many ages. Because if you are not interested in cultivating yourself. Refusing to learn new things and ideas. Or you never practice exercise, stay away from books, then you will fall into "Living down". Therefore, you should never stop learning so that you are always looking forward and new.


Through 7 habits of successful young people are profound lessons about human life. From the book, author Sean Covey conveys to readers a meaningful message with strong vitality and humanity: "Nurture faith and hope. Young people, you will move mountains!”.

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