• 6 principles of life of the richest person on the planet - Elon Musk

6 principles of life of the richest person on the planet - Elon Musk

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Wednesday, 27/10/2021 12:10

    6 principles of life of the richest person on the planet - Elon Musk




Is Elon Musk a Genius?


Very few people will say that Elon Musk is an ordinary person, right from the age of 12, Musk designed a game to defeat aliens and sold it successfully. Moreover, Musk was still in a backward Africa at that time, so his genius was even more visible.


But natural genius is by no means a guarantee of a successful career, what matters is how you see the world.



Through studying the life of Elon Musk, I have drawn 6 principles. Those are the factors that helped Elon Musk overcome himself and become a person that almost everyone admires today.


1. Reading a lot can reduce ignorance


A lot of people don't understand how Elon Musk can make incredible startups like Tesla and SpaceX continue to be as successful as they are now.


Elon's secret lies in reading.


Elon Musk reads a lot of books, he uses books to reduce his ignorance, and help him constantly make rapid progress in all fields. When he thinks about SpaceX, he knows nothing about rockets.


Many people will choose to abandon the project because the goal is too ambitious, but that is not the person Elon Musk is.


By reading many books about rockets, Elon Musk has managed to build his skills, giving him enough knowledge to start SpaceX.


Elon also realized that he could not do this alone, and then he chose to rely on renowned experts in the rocket industry to achieve success in his goal.


One of the big lessons I've learned from the history of SpaceX is that reading a lot of books can give you the greatest chance of achieving your most ambitious goals. Knowledge is power, at least if you can make good use of knowledge then your chances of success will be higher.



Knowledge is big enough, you will get the sun.


2. Take risks and take chances


When obstacles appear, the difference between Elon and ordinary people also appears very clearly, because while an ordinary person tends to lament, complain, even give up on the goal, Elon thinks that obstacles arise. Fear is a unique opportunity.


Elon dares to take risks to seize these opportunities, he has never been afraid to do things that require a big liver.


Elon once said:


"Failure is a kind of choice, if something doesn't fail, then you don't have enough innovation and creativity."


Taking risks means risk of failure, but this is also a positive sign, it means that you will start a new era by trying to overcome problems that no one can solve. can decide.


So never be afraid to fail. You have to take risks to achieve your great goals, remember, no one succeeds on the first try, after each failure, try again.


Just like that, sooner or later you will achieve success.


Then there will come a moment when you will shine.


3. Focus on success, but also be mentally prepared to accept failure



When starting a new project, focus your mind and energy in one direction: the success of the project. But even so, always be aware that the failures you may experience are a forced choice in the process.


Failure is a choice, and this is like a philosophy of Elon, it means that he is entering a field that no one thinks about, he is creating.


If you are creative, you must be prepared to fail. When failure happens, prepare yourself for the same mentality as Elon: try, try again, then try again...


Elon never gives up after a failure, and you should do the same, quickly analyze the cause of failure, then adjust the strategy and try again.


Just be patient, you will be able to do it like the way Elon Musk created SpaceX. Competence may be different, but the feeling of success and failure is the same.


Another name for success is repeated failure.


4. Look for the positive side


Once you understand that failure is an integral part of the road to success, this is an extremely important step. And what you need to do next is to look for the positive in every situation.


At the end of November 2019, Elon Musk officially launched his new "toy", which is a pickup truck with a futuristic design.


On stage, Elon Musk wanted to show off the future durability of Tesla pickups. With the help of Franz von Holzhausen, the project's chief engineer, Elon Musk figured there's nothing better than throwing a ball at the truck's window.


The glass broke to the astonishment of the onlookers. The second time, they threw the ball into another glass and the result was the same.


For many people, this situation is nothing short of a disaster. But if you think so, then it is no longer Elon Musk.


Elon humbly admits his mistakes, and says that this is just a prototype. In the end, this is just another massive free marketing campaign for pickup trucks. And then there was so much news that many people assumed that Elon Musk was doing this on purpose to attract attention.


When you encounter failure in front of the crowd in the process of moving forward, look for the positive aspects. This is a very positive attitude and also a way to help you achieve amazing goals in life.


5. Focus on innovation, not complaining


This principle stems from everything I just told you about Elon Musk's philosophy of life. Because Elon Musk sees innovation as synonymous with a high probability of failure, he always knows how to proactively respond when failure occurs.


Maintaining a positive attitude towards failure means never wasting time complaining.


Understandably, no matter what happens, if you want to succeed, you have to keep improving. If you only complain, you will waste time unnecessarily, instead, you are better off focusing on innovation.


That's the only thing that matters, you've got to keep working hard to maximize your chances, you've got to focus your whole mind on one goal: focus on the future.


You can't change your past, even if you sit there whining and complaining, it won't do you any good. Instead, live your life to the fullest in the present and look to the future with a positive, enthusiastic attitude.


6. Don't be a trend follower, be a trendsetter


Elon Musk divides the world into two categories. One is trend followers, the other is trend leaders. Needless to say, Elon Musk is the second type.


Don't blindly follow the crowd just to please others. Go your own way and don't be afraid to express your opinions loud and clear, even if they differ from the opinions of others.


No matter what happens, just be yourself and you will be able to become a trendsetter, not simply a follower.


Under the flash, always keep yourself rational and calm.


Don't be afraid to fail, only then can you seize every potential opportunity.


No matter what happens, just be yourself, and you too can, like Elon Musk, succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.


Thank you for watching. What do you think about this talented billionaire, please comment below the article!

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