• Robert Kiyosaki - Author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

Robert Kiyosaki - Author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

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Friday, 05/11/2021 10:11

   Robert Kiyosaki - Author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad"



Life is a magical road, but to walk to the end of success and happiness at the end of that road is never easy. And with Rich Dad Poor Dad, the book has shown us what it is possible to do is to stand firm with all of our own will and understanding.



Lessons on how to use personal finance is an indispensable luggage on that journey. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki's classic book, we'll learn all of that.



About the author Robert Kiyosaki and the magical world of successful people


Robert Toru Kiyosaki is a businessman born in 1947 in Hawaii, he is of Japanese and American blood. He is also a well-known investor, author, and speaker.


Kiyosaki has written eighteen books and sold a total of 26 million copies worldwide. The most famous of them is Rich Dad Poor Dad, which was once ranked in the top ten best-selling books of the decade by the New York Times.


And of course the influence of rich dad poor dad on humanity is not small. Actor Will Smith says he taught his son money management with this book. Even billionaire Donald Trump was so interested in Kiyosaki's advice that he agreed to co-write the book Why We Want You to Be Rich in 2006.


The book is the story of two fathers of Kiyosaki and his conclusions from two different ways of raising children about financial matters, and he also gives his views and views on the real path to success. go to success.


Kiyosaki was greatly influenced by his two fathers. One is a biological father, highly educated but poor. One is the adoptive father and financial advisor of Robert Kiyosaki, although he dropped out of school in 8th grade, he has become a rich man with a fortune of tens of millions of dollars.


“I have two fathers, one rich and one poor. A person of very high education and intelligence; he has a PhD and completed four years of graduate school in less than two years. The other father had not graduated from eighth grade.


Both fathers were successful in their careers, working hard all their lives. But it was a financial struggle for the rest of their lives. The other father became one of the richest men in Hawaii. He gave ten million US dollars to his family, charity and church. The other is deeply in debt.”


Not every business book offers insight into how to deal with financial problems in life. Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of those rare books that does that.



The book will bring us to the world of successful people so that we can see there their admirable way of living, thinking and using money. That will be the first life lesson about the value of money.


The great lesson about how to use money is not to let money control you, but learn to control it


Nearly forty years in the market is so much time that Kiyosaki realizes that making money is hard, but knowing how to keep money and make it productive is even more difficult.


Most of us live and work for money and then get stuck in constant financial anxiety. We are always controlled by money and concerned with our difficulties.


“Most people are poor because they are financially dependent on their owners without knowing how to invest on their own, the world is full of little chickens running around screaming 'it's going to fall, it's going to fall.


Rich people are not like that. Instead of thinking how to work for money, they think how to let money work for them. They know how to make money make money and have excellent financial management.


“If you look for money and be safe, that's all you'll get. You may have money, but you can't find a source to make it."


Rich people see money in a different light. They only see it as a tool to serve life, while the poor always consider it a reason to live, sacrificing everything just for money. That is the biggest reason why the poor stay poor and the rich keep getting richer.


A sincere message and profound philosophies around the value of wealth in Rich Dad Poor Dad


It can be seen that the book is not about glorifying the rich and demeaning the poor, but rather a multi-dimensional and fair view of an entrepreneur to see what is right.


The author has been very very subtle when comparing and summarizing ideas from two fathers or more generally of two classes, two people to give readers a deeper insight into money.


“Real wealth is the reward for investing and developing wealth.”


If the biological father always holds the opinion and thinks that the desire for money will lead people to bad things, the adoptive father with a more realistic perspective believes that the lack of money is the source of the problem. the root of bad things.


Each father has a different perspective on money, but in the end we all realize one thing, never let money or fame in front of you lose your ego.


Rich dad poor dad leads young people to the path of success from seemingly small things


The lesson on financial management is sometimes the first life lesson for every person. But Asians in general and Vietnamese in particular rarely teach children that.


Parents often value book knowledge rather than soft skills in life, so finding books that teach life skills like Rich Dad Poor Dad is essential for the development of young people.


How to use money is not taught in school and at the same time we see that book knowledge is not everything, so besides studying at school, young people must equip themselves with the necessary skills. other necessary skills for effective financial self-management.


“Many young people have credit cards before they graduate, but they've never had a course on money or how to invest it.”


Rich Dad Poor Dad was once fiercely criticized for lowering the value of education at schools, which was considered against the traditional way of upbringing, but in fact, this work accurately reflected the reality of education. contemporaneous.


Success is not a destination but a journey of many hardships and efforts of each person. And it was rich dad poor dad who brought young people closer to the mindset and perspective of successful people.


Rich Dad Poor Dad will forever be an expensive work in the classic bookcase of mankind and in the journey to success of every human being. Please read it even once! Thanks for reading!

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