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Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) was one of the first people to apply assembly line manufacturing in automobile production and was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He is a great individual when he knows how to put on his shoulders a mission for the society in which he lives: to contribute to the massification of cars around the world. It is indeed a wonderful step forward.


People know Ford not only as the founder of the Ford Motor Company, but also because of the business philosophies that are summed up in life-long quotes. Let's find out the business quotes of Henry Ford below.


"If you don't stop creating, you won't be afraid of perishing."


– “No matter what you do, you can’t expose all that you know to everyone!”


– “The secret of success, if any – is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and see things both from their point of view and from your own.”


– “The most harmful thing to progress and development in business is not the mistakes of young people, but the cruel defiance of old people.”


– “It is fortunate that people do not understand our banking and monetary system. If they understand, there will definitely be a revolution tonight.”


– “Enthusiasm is the power that illuminates your hope to the stars. Enthusiasm is the fire in your eyes, the rhythm that dances in your body. It is your determination, will and ability to carry out your ideas.”


“A lot of failure in life is due to people not realizing how close they were to success when they gave up their jobs.”


– “If you value money more than your product, it will destroy your product and destroy the foundation of services.”


– “If you only think about the money in front of you and don't care about your product, you will always be afraid of failure and that fear will hinder your business. It made him afraid of competition, not daring to change the way he did business, and daring not to do anything to change his situation. Success comes to those who always think of public service first and always work in the most efficient way.”


– “Money will have no meaning if not invested in a specific field, but without effective business, we cannot make a profit.”


– “If there is no way to conduct business to serve the needs of customers, I will not be in business. To me, the only foundation of true business is to serve the public.”


– “If our product does not bring good service to customers, it is best not to recommend the product, otherwise, those bad advertisements will disappoint customers. If a merchant only makes money from what he sells, he has no hope of getting a commission from his customers.”


– “If you can find a way to make something that people need cheaply, you are on the very first steps of a thriving business… people don't always know what they need for them. until you tell them.”


– “Businessmen often fail in business because they always apply the old method without innovating. Because they are the ones who don't understand that yesterday is in the past and the next morning, they wake up with the same thoughts from last year. Thus, we almost have a formula: when a person has finally found his method, he should examine himself to see if his mind is working properly. It would be dangerously dangerous if he was someone who would always mold the machine because sooner or later he would be thrown out of the whirlpool of life.”


– “I recognize that competition is seen as a threat in which the smart leader will defeat the opponent by creating a monopoly with his own methods. During my contemplation of life and business, I did not have a moment of leisure. I have a lot of time for work because I never leave my job. A person who is always busy with work and has many problems to think about will succeed. A person who always works, never leaves his job, someone who always has a forward-thinking mindset will eventually succeed.”


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