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These are very famous Singaporean millionaires, he is a book author, businessman, and trainer who has created a lot of value for many young people.


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Adam Khoo (Yean Ann):

Born on April 8, 1974, is a successful businessman, bestselling author and top training expert.


Adam Khoo's career:


Self-made at the age of 26, Adam Khoo Yean Ann is one of the youngest millionaires in Singapore, owning and managing a number of businesses in the education, training, event management, and advertising industries, with business annual revenue of about S$30,000,000 (S$30 million).


Currently, Adam is the chairman and senior training specialist of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG), which organizes training courses and seminars for multinational companies and individuals across Asia. is also a leading consultant in the fields of finance, marketing, management, leadership and human potential.


Adam Khoo's Degree:


Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (1998)


Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (1997)




Adam Khoo is also the author of 9 best-selling books in Singapore and in the region such as:


– “The Secret of self-made millionaires”


– “Secret of building multi – million dollar business”


"- I'm gifted, so are you!" (I'm talented, you too!)


– “Nurturing the winner and genious in your child” (Our children are all good)


– “Master your mind, design your destiny” (Master your thoughts, change your destiny)…


– Win the Game of Life


– Teach Your Children to Use Money


– …




Don't be afraid to fail when you dream big


"Considered training" is a process of non-stop training, with experience and adjustment to suit yourself and the situation. For deliberate practice, Adam Khoo shares these four essentials:


1.Regularly and constantly improve yourself

2.Feedback and adjust accordingly

3.Repeat to become a good habit

4. Expand your comfort zone


I want to say one thing to the young people of Vietnam: You are living in a period of great opportunity, your country is growing very fast, so if you know how to take advantage of opportunities, you will earn a lot. money and success. To be able to do so, you must know how to train yourself, the greatest tools you have are knowledge and education. Read a lot of books and learn from other countries, from other companies and from other people to succeed.



To stay focused on our goals, we need good time management. To do that, we need to set a goal and plan precisely for that goal.



My biggest motivation is to prove others wrong, because there are many people who didn't take me seriously before, saying that I had no hope so I had to prove them wrong, and since then I have resolved to do the same. succeed and become a millionaire.



Studying and getting a college degree is very important to becoming successful. We already know about Bill Gates and he became a billionaire, but remember before leaving school, Bill Gates got into Harvard, which means he studied a lot. And even when he dropped out of school, he didn't stop learning, but Bill Gates always taught himself. Learning through experience is great, but through books, you can take "shortcuts" and learn faster.


You should take the "I'm good" course, because if you just read the book, you won't have someone to coach you and show you how to do it right.


You should learn about money. There are many books written on this subject. You also need to learn about finance, business experience. You can start working for banks or start-ups and later become an investor.



Each of us goes through difficult periods in our lives, feeling disoriented. Everything is not as it should be. That's when life tests you and many people choose to give up.



When I was young, I didn't know what to do. But when I was 13, I learned to set goals. Successful people often have clear goals from a very young age, I set out to become a successful businessman. Since then I have read many books about getting rich.



When I decided to invest in education, I didn't do it for the money. I truly believe and have a passion for the field of education. When I was a poor student, I learned about the methods and formulas for success. Then I succeeded. I am inspired to share these things with others. I invest in education not for the money, but because I want to share it.



Successful people share a lot of the same right mindset. I can share some thoughts as to taking responsibility for whatever happens to them. Those who are unsuccessful when they don't get what they want will blame it, using many excuses. Successful people take full responsibility. This way of thinking gives them the power to take complete control of what happens around them.



The way I overcame my fear was by being well prepared. Before I start a business or invest, I research, read books, newspapers a lot about it, I research how to do business and see how other people do it. I study hard and I plan. After that, I gained more confidence to be able to overcome my fear.



You can use learning methods to make learning more enjoyable. Our brains like colors, images, activities and fantasies.



If I go bankrupt, I will still be in the business of education and training, because I understand this field very well. I can speak and coach very well, I also have a lot of business relationships in this field, it is an invaluable asset that can never be lost. Therefore, I believe that I will be successful again when I continue to invest in the field of education. Maybe I don't even need to spend $100 to redevelop my career.



If you only read books and collect learning methods without applying them, your child will not see results. Your child needs motivation to actually use these methods. Because if you do not use, do not act, you will not see the necessary results.



In fact, women are smarter than men, science has proven it. So they have more advantages than men, so it's just a lifestyle choice and depends on the culture.




My advice is to invest in yourself first. You can invest in the business any time in the future. But now that you are young, make your own development a priority because you still have the ability to learn very quickly.


I started a business by opening a dance floor at home with a capital of 200 USD. Then I save money and reinvest it.



Ambition is actually a goal, and of course ambition must go with success, because if there is no goal, how can success be achieved. Success is progressing towards the goal you set, so if you don't have a goal, you can't succeed.



My definition of success is the process of continuously moving up to achieve the goals I set for myself in life: family, career, financial, and health goals.



Success is not a goal you reach, it is a process, and if you keep going, you are already successful. Besides, always be happy and grateful for what you have.



You should still plan yourself each day, because after you have a plan, you still have the necessary flexibility. Many people think they can't adjust their plan after it's written down.



You need to sit down and figure out what you love: working with people, speaking, doing business, or enjoying working with computers. Make a list of the things you like to do, your hobbies, your strengths are drawing, writing or communication… If you know all of these well, look for jobs that have both elements: hobbies. and strength. Like me, I love to bring joy to people and I decided to become a speaker.


One of the most important things about being rich is being able to sell, not just your goods, but your own abilities and ideas. You are still very young, you can find a job that can help you develop your ability to communicate, sell and introduce your products and ideas. The skills you accumulate will help you a lot in the future when you have to show your ability in front of business partners, convince others to believe in your ideas and business models. Besides, you can also save some capital to start your own business later.



It's never too late to start educating yourself and to focus on learning. A lot of people come to my course when they are 40, 50 years old. They come because they want to make changes for themselves, to learn new things and they really can still achieve success even though they start very late. You can find many examples of this, like Colonel Sanders starting everything at 65 and completely broke. But he was still able to build a hugely successful KFC brand today.



When I was a student, I sold stationery, opened a dance floor at home, and trained for companies. If someone says you are too young, just believe in yourself, don't care what other people think.



My friends help me with my start-up, but not with money but business support. I don't ask for help from my family.



The secret is knowing how to manage your money well. The first is that you can't get into debt, don't borrow money to shop, I never get into debt. The reason other people "spend" is because they borrow money and they can't pay, they are in debt. Make sure you've saved enough money to have enough money in the bank. So during the economic crisis, you can still help yourself, and you have money to invest when the stock price drops. Make yourself financially secure, if you spend extravagantly, you will go bankrupt in the crisis.



To me, life's difficulties are hidden opportunities, good things. I see these as good opportunities, valuable lessons. If I make a mistake, I don't feel bad, but I always think that I have learned a good lesson. Moreover, I have a strong belief that every problem, every difficulty has a solution.





Specifically, there are three things that entrepreneurs, especially young people at the start-up stage, should pay attention to:




Adam Khoo shared a study conducted by Yale University (USA) on graduates in 1952, when only 3% of students identified clear goals for self-development orientation. The remaining 97% of students are still confused about what to do after graduation.



Twenty years later, a follow-up survey was conducted by Yale of these same students. As a result, the total income of 3% of students with clear goals is 3 times higher than the total income of the remaining 97% of students. This shows that, in the same training environment, the difference can come from clearly defining the goals you achieve.



From personal experience, Adam Khoo also believes that clearly defining goals will guide the individual to outline the path and resources he or she needs to seek to create a career. At that time, the ability to recognize potential opportunities is also sharper.




Path-oriented goals such as strong belief in one's own abilities and desire for success are the raw materials that motivate individuals to make efforts to implement the set plans. Everyone has a different goal of getting rich. But the common point is that these goals will motivate individuals not to give up.



"In times of failure or difficulty, you should think about why you started and get motivated from that to get up," young millionaire Adam Khoo shared.



You are a recent graduate, but your future dreams and goals are not finding a job in companies, but the business plan you cherish. long time ago. It is a arduous process of starting a business, both financially and in terms of capacity, when you do not have much experience in the real environment. However, nothing in this life is impossible, if you dare to dream, dare to pursue it under any circumstances.




In the business process, failure is an obvious thing that all entrepreneurs have to face. According to Adam Khoo's analysis, there are three general patterns when faced with failure.


The first type are individuals who give up on the first failure. These people often blame the cause of failure on everything around but themselves. Over time, pessimistic thoughts will form such as: I can't do anything, I can't succeed, life is too harsh, business is too hard for me... These thoughts prevent that individual. find a solution to the problem. Adam Khoo admits, without changing his mind and committing more, this type of person cannot succeed.


The second type of people are individuals who never give up when they fail. They always persist in pursuing their goals until they can no longer afford to continue. The problem of this type of person is that persistence is not enough, you need to be alert to realize why you failed to correct your mistakes. “If you do things the same way over and over again, you will inevitably end up with the same results,” commented Adam.


The third type of people that Adam Khoo mentioned are individuals who converge on perseverance and sanity when doing business. In addition to a firm belief to persistently pursue goals, each individual needs to develop a suitable strategy for his or her career. If the strategy fails, what young entrepreneurs need to do is stop criticizing their own weakness or blaming objective factors, soberly look for the cause of failure to adjust a new better strategy. .

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