• Nick Vujicic - From despair to the inspiration of the world.

Nick Vujicic - From despair to the inspiration of the world.

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   Nick Vujicic - From despair to the inspiration of the world.



Nick Vujicic – The man without arms and legs but famous for his extraordinary energy has transmitted faith and strength to millions of people around the world. He is currently the President and CEO of Life Without Limbs, the director of the lifestyle company Attitude is Attitude and a courageous speaker. When it comes to him, millions of people have to take their hats off.


Who is Nick Vujicic?


Nick Vujicic's full name is Nicholas James Vujicic, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia on February 1, 1982. At birth, he was born without limbs as usual, but only had two small feet, one for each foot. only two fingers. He was born with tetra-amelia syndrome - a rare genetic disorder that causes the absence of limbs.


No one can explain why he has the extremely rare syndrome. So both Nick and his parents for years wondered why this happened to their family. At first, Nick's parents were shocked, but they gradually changed to love and help him overcome a difficult childhood.


Vujicic said that if he had been born in some backward country, he would have been considered a curse or a shame and killed since birth. Since the age of 18 months, Nick has been taught to swim by his father. When Nick was 6 years old, his father, who was a computer programmer, taught Nick how to type and get used to computers. Thanks to his familiarity with computers, he can use his tiny feet with two tiny children to type at a speed of 45 words per minute, using his heel and heel. The disability seems to have given Nick a masterful dexterity in handling everyday activities, from the movement of his shoulders to the very short two toes of his left foot.


From a young age, he began to teach himself how to brush his teeth, drink water, brush his hair, and answer the phone. More specifically, when Nick reached school age, his parents did not send their child to a school for the disabled, but instead let their son study with normal children because they both wanted their child to learn to live independently. even under the most difficult circumstances. Nick once confided that: "It was the right decision, I always secretly thank my parents for letting me study in an environment of normal students."


However, low self-esteem always exists in Nick boy. During his time at school, Nick only wished to live a normal life like everyone else, but he always felt left out, weird and bullied because of his unusual appearance. Many times the priceless self-esteem that Nick's parents worked so hard to build collapsed in an instant because of the taunts of his ruthless classmates, who called him monsters or monsters. alien. It was that cruel cruelty, coupled with Nick's depression, that led to his first suicide. Nick attempted suicide at the age of 10 in the bathtub, but the love of his parents helped him through this difficult time. Nick wrote: “The dire circumstances seemed to have engulfed me at one point. More than anyone, I wanted to commit suicide and gave up many times. But I finally had the courage to get up after a thousand falls.”


As he got a little older, he began to seek independence like any young person. “Although it was a rewarding job for them, my father and mother did a good job of preparing me for what I needed to adapt to the life ahead,” he shared. honest.


Reaching out to help


Nick often says: “Often we keep telling ourselves that we are not smart enough or attractive enough or talented enough to pursue. Yes, we believe what others say about us or set limits on ourselves. Worse when you consider yourself a worthless person, meaning that you have set limits on miracles. I don't have hands to touch others, but my heart can touch and shake the heart of the one I love." That sentence is also the choice to start Nick's life full of faith, even though he was in despair and pain to the end.


Nick Vujicic used to pray very hard that God would give him legs and arms. He told God, “If my prayers are not answered, I will never pray again.” However, his opinion then changed completely. It was time to eat and give him an article about how a man with a disability like him overcame difficulties. Vujicic realized that he wasn't the only one at such a disadvantage, so he started doing things on his own, and then he realized that what he did could inspire others as well.


When he was in middle school, Nick Vujicic actively campaigned, calling for donations to a local charity and movements for people with disabilities. At the age of seventeen, he began to be invited to speak and founded his own NGO, Life Without Limbs. From then on, he began to devote more and more of his time to public speaking. His message has always been one of hope, a message that tells people that they can not only survive but also rise.


Non stop effort


Nick Vujicic graduated from Griffith University at the age of 21 with two majors in accounting and financial planning, but life has made him an inspirational speaker who travels around the world to inspire issues. of young people.


In 1990, Nick was honored to receive the Nick Australia Young Citizen Award for his efforts. His first book, Life Without Limits: Inspiration of a Ridiculously Good Life, was published in 2010. In addition, he has other widely known books such as: Unstoppable, Limitless, Stand Strong.. He has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and sold more than a million copies worldwide.


“I used to wonder why fate was so harsh to me. More than anyone, I used to be very desperate, wanted to commit suicide to run away from life and tried to give up many times. But in the end I had the courage to get up after a thousand falls, even if you fall a hundred times. Don't despair, don't give up, get up." Nick's sincere confessions in the book have touched the hearts of readers around the world.


Humanity's inspiration


Since Nick's first inspirational speech when he was a teenager, with over 1600 talks he has booked to more than 57 countries sharing his story to over 400 million audiences. fake. The name Nick Vujicic has since become an intense symbol of the spirit that transcends fate, and is the most inspirational on the planet.


In addition to writing and speaking, Nick is the lead actor for the short film The Butterfly Circus, which won the 2009 Doorpost Film Top Prize and the Best Short Film Award at the Method Fest Film Festival. At that time, Nick was also awarded Best Actor, The Butterfly Circus also won Best Short Film at the Feel Good Film Festival, Hollywood in 2010.


Happy smiling


One of the great gifts that life gives Nick Vujicic's extraordinary courage and energy is his marriage to a beautiful mixed-race girl Kanae Miyahara. A beautiful love affair with an extremely attractive but discreet wife is recounted by Nick in the book "Never give up on aspiration". Kanae and her sister came to listen to Nice's talk in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, with a friend and his wife named Tami. Her mother is Mexican and her father is Japanese. Both sisters Kanae and Yoshi are very beautiful but Nick said that he only noticed Kanae so he couldn't take his eyes off the beauty during the day. Nick even focused on his speech.


After the talk, Kanae and Yoshi came to Nick very quickly to make room for others who wanted to interact with the special speaker, but Nick held them back to get acquainted. Nick said that he really wanted to contact Kanae to have the opportunity to get to know the beauty more. “I want to give you my email address to make sure you have it” – that's what Nick said, though he had a part of him at the time begging, but my dad taught me that real men don't ask. ask for. I tried to follow my father's orders even though I was too infatuated with that girl at that time, "- Nick confided. “Yes, okay! Let's get in touch,” Kanae said and waved goodbye. Nick then hoped to receive an email from Kanae, but Kanae had a boyfriend and didn't email him until they met again three months later. Turns out Kanae had misunderstood that Nick liked her sister. Any confusion is cleared up in a conversation at this reunion


Kanae said in an interview that “For me, falling in love with Nick is nothing new. I love the person he is. I've dated a few guys before, but I'm tired. I met Nick while looking for something else and I found all of that in him.” Kanae said that during their love, they encountered a lot of interesting reactions, Nick proposed to Kanae on a sailing boat in Santa Barbara in 2011, he used his mouth to put a ring on his girlfriend's finger. Their fairytale wedding took place in February 2012. They honeymooned and welcomed a beautiful dragon-headed son who weighed nearly 4 kg a year later.


Nick has come a long way, he has been embraced by presidents, kings and millions of others who suffer from their own set of physical and mental setbacks. Without legs, he walked on the path of love and energy that God had arranged for him. And even without his hands, he could still and embrace the world with unconditional love. What's really great is that he doesn't blame anyone for what you don't have, especially God. He knew God loved him because he was just who he was and was created to be perfect.


Nick Vujicic Quotes: 27+ Nick Vujicic Quotes



1. You can believe in your dreams, but you have to take action to make them come true.


2. Always keep this thought “Nothing is impossible. When you feel like you've failed and are overwhelmed by a big challenge, believe that nothing is impossible."


3. You and I can't live without faith, can't live without believing in something.


4. I may not have hands to hold my wife's hand, but I don't need hands to hold her heart.


5. Life without limbs? Or life has no limits?


6. When you seek happiness in purely material objects, material things are never enough. Take a look around. Take a look inside.


7. No goal is too big. No dream is too far-fetched.


8. Some wounds heal faster if you keep going.


9. If you don't get a miracle, be a miracle yourself.


10. If I fail, I will try again and again and again. If you failed, would you try again? The human spirit can endure worse than we think. What matters is how you get to your destination. Will you reach the finish line forcefully?


11. Even when you face the worst, do your best to be ready for the best.


12. Thinking you're not good enough is a lie. It's also a lie to think you're not worth anything.


13. Life's challenges are meant to strengthen our beliefs. They are not meant to crush us.


14. Dreams don't die as long as you feed them with passion.


15. Fear is a bigger disability than having no legs or arms.


16. Where there is a will and waves, there is a way to surf.


17. The greatest miracle is the transformation from within us.


18. Everything you do to make other people's lives better makes yours more meaningful.


19. Everything that happens to you will define who you are, define your life if you don't act to define yourself.


20. Seeking help in others is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength.


21. Finding your life purpose is an important first step to living an unlimited life.


22. I know for sure that as long as you are breathing, there is still hope in your life.


23. I was never really disabled until I lost hope. Believe me, losing hope is worse than losing a limb.


24. I have a choice to either be angry at God for what I don't have, or be grateful for what I have.


25. I encourage you to accept that you may not see the way right now, but that doesn't mean there isn't a way.


26. I am a miracle. You are also a miracle of life.


27. I love my life, because I have seen my purpose.


Hopefully, through this article, you have learned the genius energy of Nick Vujicic. Good luck!

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