Donald Trump's famous quotes

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Friday, 30/07/2021 03:07

    Donald Trump's famous quotes



Rules are meant to be broken.


Having lost the effort to think, why don't you think bigger?


Without vision you will not be able to do anything.


We're not going to be the world's policeman.


A small hole can sink a large ship.


Losing a battle sometimes wins you an entire battle.


Persistence is the biggest difference between success and failure.


When someone challenges you, fight. Be brutal, be strong.


My motivation is not to make money but to get into the game.


Don't balance work and passion. Turn your work into a passion.


You have to be strict with yourself because life has no place to sympathize or erase.


Show me a person with a big ego and I'll show you a loser.


When they need me, I help them. A few years after I needed them, they were there for me.


Without passion there is no energy. Without energy is nothing.


Life must have passion, I have not seen anyone succeed without their own passion.


Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don't make.


You just need to be different, strong, bold and controversial and all the press will write about you.


I try to learn from the past but I look to the future by focusing on the present.


Most people think small because they are afraid of success, afraid of decisions, afraid of winning.



Courage does not mean fearlessness. Courage is to still do it to the end despite the fear that surrounds you.


Criticism is easy to accept, for he who is not criticized is one who never takes risks.


In the end, you won't be judged by what you've done, but by what you've accomplished.


The winner is the one who knows enough. Sometimes you have to accept to let go and find another opportunity for yourself.


What distinguishes winners from losers is how they react to the fateful turning point.


Confidence is very important. But confidence does not have to be expressed through words, but you have to really believe it.


Watch, listen and learn… If you think you know enough you were born just to be normal.


In the end, you won't be judged by what you've committed to, but by what you've accomplished.


It took me 15 minutes to buy a house. And waited 15 years to buy another house. Do not give up. Be persistent, stay strong.


As an entrepreneur, I choose my mentors very carefully… I'm very careful with who I spend time and talk with.


A person who is really focused then the words: I can't, I'll do it tomorrow, Maybe… are dropped from their vocabulary.


One secret to being a winner is knowing enough is enough… Sometimes you have to stop fighting and give up to start another.


Building a skyscraper is sometimes simpler than building a tiny apartment. They bring headaches and problems. Sometimes it's much simpler to do big things.


If during the work week, you always think about how long it is until the weekend, you will never become a millionaire, let alone a billionaire.


The world is very open, many dreams, many roads, but there is no place like home. Protect and love your homeland, for each family, for the sovereignty of each nation, for independence, for its heroic history even today and forever.


Real estate is the safest place to keep property value, it also generates cash flow, it is the best real estate. Someone offers you such an investment opportunity, thank them.


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