• The profound business philosophies of the richest man in Hong Kong - Billionaire Ly Gia Thanh

The profound business philosophies of the richest man in Hong Kong - Billionaire Ly Gia Thanh

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Tueday, 10/08/2021 06:08

The profound business philosophies of the richest man in Hong Kong - Billionaire Ly Gia Thanh


Who is Ly Gia Thanh?




Ly Gia Thanh was born in a poor family, from the age of 12 he did enough jobs to make a living, but mainly as a salesman. Natural business talent probably also comes from these jobs. At the age of 18, Ly Gia Thanh was promoted from a salesman to director, two years later to general manager.


In 1950, Ly Gia Thanh decided to set up a plastic factory named Truong Giang, the plastic factory quickly achieved huge profits after only 1 year, thanks to which Ly Gia Thanh was named "To Giao Dai Vuong" (king of flowers). Plastic flower).


Following the success, Ly Gia Thanh entered the real estate business, in June 1971 he established Truong Giang Real Estate Company. Within a year, the land was expected to increase more than 20 times and start accumulating wealth at a dizzying rate.


After that, Ly Gia Thanh bought the second largest bank in England - Hutchison Whampoa bank, his corporation was almost a "rich enemy country" (extremely rich), Ly Gia Thanh had a new nickname. "Lee Superman".



Ly Gia Thanh's group has gradually grown and expanded to neighboring countries, Ly Gia Thanh has become the richest person in Hong Kong for many years and is regularly on the list of the richest people in the world. .


Billionaire Ly Gia Thanh's beautiful sayings about the ethics of making money



1. When you have not made a decision, let time help you, if there is no way to decide, do it and then say it, be content with the mistake, do not resent it.


2.When you are not rich, go out into the society to learn more. When you have money, stay at home more. If you are poor, you should spend money on others, when you are rich, you should spend money on yourself.


3. Work-life balance is good, but it can't be achieved during the career focus phase. The 24h/day time fund does not allow both starting a business and spending too much time with your lover, family, plans to play and enjoy.


4.Do not hang out with idle people. They are not bad people, even very good people, very cute. But they don't go because they simply choose to live peacefully. The more I talk to them, the more I am affected by the mentality of "not wanting to work" or enjoying enjoyment or being used to depending on others or being immature to want to balance life, work-life balance when there is still no career.


5. Always remember to give lunch to people who know, are richer than you or who have helped you in your career every month. After a year, the network of relationships will bring more value than you expected. Your fame, influence and value will be recognized by everyone. People will also know you as a kind and generous person.


6. Reputation is the key to success. So be loyal to your customers. Remember, reputation in business is an invaluable asset.


7. When you are young, do not be afraid of poverty. You need to learn how to invest to develop your intellect and stature. The essence of self-discipline is learning to recognize what is necessary and worthwhile. Eat out less, if any, consider the cost. When inviting someone to a meal, make sure it's someone who dreams big and works harder than you.


8.Business people everywhere need help. Try to take every opportunity to work to hone your will and improve your skills. Learning every skill along the way will help you get closer to your goals soon.


9.Set high goals, make friends with many kinds of people, enjoy simple pleasures, stand high, sit low, walk steadily.


10.If you observe 1 turn, 2 times and 3 times but still do not understand, then observe a few more times, I believe you will definitely have a harvest for yourself.


11. It's good if you can do more sales work. Entrepreneurship is challenging, but it's the fastest way to learn life's most important skill.



12. If you don't like your current job, change it, otherwise just keep quiet, don't complain.


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