• The life of Jack Canfield, proof that the formula for success can be learned!

The life of Jack Canfield, proof that the formula for success can be learned!

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Monday, 04/10/2021 04:10

   The life of Jack Canfield, proof that the formula for success can be learned!


Jack Canfield - the world's leading master of the art of success.



Jack Canfield graduated with a Master's degree in educational psychology from Harvard, was recognized as a Master Trainer from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1973, and holds a PhD from Santa Monica College, Parker College of Chiropractic, and St. Ambrose.



Jack Canfield is the author and co-author of 210 books that have been translated into 47 languages ​​with 125 million copies in print. He holds the Guinness World Record for the number of best-selling books in the world voted by the New York Times with 60 best-selling books. Among them are the Seeds of the Soul, The Success Principles, The Secret of the Law of Attraction, etc. He appeared in more than 1,000 radio and television stations, held seminars, lectured and coached for people. corporations, governments and universities for over 40 years in more than 30 countries, inspiring millions of people to find the motivation to pursue real success.


He is recognized as a Mega Guru (the world's leading master) in the field of training, coaching and maximizing human potential.


The road to success from a difficult starting point


Jack Canfield is a successful man! It is worth mentioning that success comes from an unfavorable starting point and from a poor background. Born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, to a passionate working father who earns only $8,000 a month and an alcoholic mother, Jack Canfield had to work to earn money to support his parents and self To pay for himself, he always had to work hard to get what he wanted.


As a student, he said, that was the year “Jack Canfield existed”—with 21-cent dinners (which later became his classic story): 10 cents of tomato sauce, garlic, salt and water, and bags of noodles. Italy 11 cents. Difficulties do not defeat Jack, he yearns for success, constantly searching for his own path to success.


A life changing meeting


Opportunity came to Jack Canfield while he was teaching at a black school south of Chicago. There he met W. Clement Stone - a self-made millionaire, and when he came to work for Stone's Association, Jack learned the orthodox success principles, the foundation of which he still applies to this day. now on.


To the million dollar companies



From those fundamentals, Jack Canfield indulged in successful science research and quickly forged his own path to success. He is the founder and president of the training group Canfield and Chicken Soup for the Soul in Santa Barbara, California. His client list includes many big names such as Virgin Records, Sony Pictures, Daimler – Chrysler, KFC, Federal Express, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, Campbell Soup, Re/Max , The Million Dollar Forum.


Is there a formula for Jack Canfield's success?



Success Rule #1: Read a lot of books


The first rule that Jack Canfield shares when it comes to his path to success is to read a lot of books and meet many successful people. He reads 3 books a week, attends seminars, listens to media programs, interviews hundreds of successful people in various fields: athletes, artists, actors, famous authors, politics. Outstanding customer, successful businessman.


He gradually realized the basic principles, the core of success, after years of research Jack Canfield has distilled the most powerful formulas from more than 5,000 of the world's top successful people. Formulas that 98% of people don't know about but which many have succeeded by accidentally applying, a powerful formula that has been effective for 2,500 years is now called.


Share for more success


Extremely successful, but Jack Canfield makes no secret when it comes to formulas for success. He organizes lectures, seminars, publishes books, teaching materials and most of all, he trains his successors to inherit and promote successful science - a science that creates and stores many most secret.


Success has a formula


People who aspire to succeed but are still bewildered by the vast amount of information and confusion, those who always feel negative and unbalanced in their lives, even those who have been successful by instinct now have can learn to create a solid foundation for a successful home.


Thanks to Jack Canfield's principles of success, many people have realized their dreams, planned to pursue ambitious goals and become millionaires, politicians, famous authors, create a life filled with happiness and contentment.


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