• Billionaire Jeff Bezos' secret to a happy life: Write yourself a great story

Billionaire Jeff Bezos' secret to a happy life: Write yourself a great story

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Monday, 20/09/2021 10:09

   Billionaire Jeff Bezos' secret to a happy life: Write yourself a great story


In 2010, billionaire Jeff Bezos said at the opening ceremony of Princeton University that: "When you are 80 years old and in a quiet moment reflect on your life story, the most condensed and meaningful things are. It's going to be a series of choices you've made throughout your life."


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No matter how successful we ourselves are, what we care about most in the future will not be how many zeros our bank account has, but the choices we make. Recently, the world's richest billionaire surprised many people when he decided to step down as CEO of Amazon at the end of this year and move into the role of executive chairman.


Also in this ceremony, Jeff Bezos recounted the time when he came up with the idea to start an online bookstore business. At the time, he knew the idea would be a risky move for him.


Before doing so, he consulted with his boss - a man whom he considered excellent and very admirable. The billionaire said: "It was really a difficult choice, but in the end I decided to give it a try. I know I will not regret it and have tried and dared to face failure. And I too. I doubt that I will always be obsessed if I don't try to do anything. After much deliberation, I have chosen the more adventurous path to pursue my passion and to this day, I am proud of it." .



In life, too, everyone will make decisions that they regret. It may be a failure, but this will make us better and better. Ultimately, our goal is to be able to reduce the number of failures and look to the future. At the end of the speech, Jeff Bezos emphasized that: "Ultimately, you are your own choice. Write yourself a great story."


Billionaire Jeff Bezos said: "In the end, you are your own choice. Write yourself a great story."


The billionaire also posed 12 questions and urged everyone to ponder them together to be able to write a profound life story. Those 12 questions are:


Question 1: How will you use your gift?


Question 2: What choices would you make?


Question 3: Will you let inertia guide you or will you follow your passion?


Question 4: Will you act according to your philosophy or the voice of reason?


Question 5: Would you choose to live an easy life or a life of adventure?


Question 6: Will you bow to criticism or will you follow your own reasoning?


Question 7: Will you let go of the mistakes you have made or will you regret making them?


Question 8: Will you protect your heart from any intrusion or will you open your heart to receive love?


Question 9: Will you stay in the safe zone or take a little risk?


Question 10: When faced with difficulties, will you give up or will you fight non-stop?


Question 11: Will you be a critic or a giver of advice?


Question 12: Before the benefits, do you choose to be kind or will you be "tricky" to win more?


In life, there is no perfect formula for happiness but they will help each of us make reasonable choices to live a fulfilling, happy life. Nothing can stop us from challenging ourselves and building a great story for our lives.


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