• 11 ways to control anger so that you don't regret your wrong actions

11 ways to control anger so that you don't regret your wrong actions

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Friday, 17/09/2021 09:09

    11 ways to control anger so that you don't regret your wrong actions




Anger is a normal nervous system response when faced with something undesirable. However, being angry often or spending too much time in the day experiencing anger can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. Controlling anger is not easy. However, if you follow these 11 ways to control your emotions, you will be in control of your emotions!


1. How to control anger: Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is the way to control anger


Anger makes you breathe faster and faster. This will push you into action right away without enough time to think about the consequences of that action.


To deal with this, take slow, deep breaths. Applying diaphragmatic breathing exercises (belly breathing) is an effective way to control anger to help you regain composure.


If conditions permit, find a recliner or place where you can sit comfortably. Completely relax your neck and shoulders. Then, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. In this breathing exercise, you need to note that your abdomen should expand when you inhale and fall when you exhale.


2. Reciting a "mantra" is a way to control anger

It will not be easy to remember the "mantra" to help you calm down during anger. However, anything can be practiced and mastered.


Right now, choose a phrase or saying that will help you manage your anger effectively. It could be the phrase “calm down”, “everything will be fine”, “getting angry” or something like that to remind yourself to stop for a few seconds to think before acting. .


Repeat this phrase aloud or in a whisper several times until you feel calm to avoid the unfortunate consequences of acting in anger.


3. How to control anger: regulate your thoughts

relax and think of good things to control anger


If you feel like you're getting angry over something that doesn't go your way, find a spot or entertainment that makes you happy.


Another effective way to manage anger is to think about people you love or something that makes you happy, peaceful, and comfortable. It could be an upcoming trip with family, lover, friends or the benefits you will enjoy if you do a good job…


Hold that thought and start visualizing, visualizing images, scents, and sounds in your mind until you feel the anger calm and comfortable.


4. What to do when angry? Try exercising

Run to relieve anger


Sometimes, sitting still won't help you control your emotions when angry. So what should you do to control your anger? Try walking, doing some relaxing yoga or even dancing and singing to music.


When the mind is focused on movement, it won't think about things that make you feel stressed or angry.


5. Self-examine your opinion on the incident that made you angry

Anger can keep you from having enough accurate perception of things. From there, you can come up with erroneous opinions, actions, or words.


The next time you feel like you're about to get angry, walk away from the conversation or get away from the situation to have time to calm down and think again about your point of view. This period can be uncomfortable, but it will help you better manage your anger.


6. Expressing your frustration is also a way to control anger

Express your disappointment


Many people advise each other not to do anything while angry. This is not entirely accurate.


In some cases, anger that is suppressed inside will have many unpredictable consequences. Instead, give yourself permission to express your frustration in moderation to release negative emotions.




7. Control anger with humor

According to Healthline, finding humor in the events that trigger your anger can help balance your emotions. This doesn't mean you "laugh off" or deal with your problems lightly, but rather look at them in a lighter way.


Not putting your ego too high and changing your perspective on each anger trigger is an effective way to control anger.


8. Change the environment

Give yourself a break by taking time to take care of yourself. If you are angry because your house is messy, the way to control your anger right now is to go out for a walk or go shopping. Everything in the house will be more arranged when you return with a lighter mentality.


9. Identify the cause of anger and find ways to solve it

Meeting other people is a way to control anger


If the route you take to work every day is jammed with traffic and makes you often angry, find an alternative route or go to work earlier to avoid traffic jams.


If the noise bothers you, wear headphones to enjoy your favorite music. Similarly, every time you get angry, find out the cause and the appropriate solution to handle it.


When you're not sure where your anger is coming from, try to remind yourself to take a moment to jot down an activity log for the day. This may seem to take longer, but it will help you quickly find a way to regain your composure once you become aware of the thoughts and behaviors that led to your anger.


10. Focus on the things that matter

There is a folk saying: "The mind is at peace and everything is safe". This means that when your mind is peaceful and pure, everything that happens in your life will also pass smoothly and smoothly.


Whenever you feel angry, try to "drive" your mind to focus on better, meaningful things than the anger trigger. This will help you quickly get out of your anger to balance your emotions.


11. How to control anger: seek help

It's normal to feel angry at times when things go wrong. However, if you often get angry over petty issues or your anger makes you extremely tired, you may need medical attention.


If anger is taking a toll on your relationships and family well-being, see your doctor or psychologist. These therapists will help you deal with the source of your anger and find better ways to deal with negative emotions.Hope the above sharing will help you know how to control anger and lead a more positive life


Sharing, confiding with a trusted friend is also one of the effective ways to control anger. When negative emotions are released, your psychology becomes more comfortable and lighter.


Hope the above sharing will help you know how to control anger and lead a more positive life!

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