15 Best Life Quotes For Instant Inspiration

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Monday, 26/10/2020 02:10

There is no better way to boost a rotten mood than reading some amazing life quotes. They can fuel your mind with positive energy and push you to take fruitful actions that bring you closer to your goals.


Reading inspirational quotes about life paints positive images in your mind which eventually changes the quality of your thoughts. So, if you’re facing a dip in your motivation levels, here are a bunch of famous quotes that will help you gain back your enthusiasm.


1.  This quote by Bob Marley shows why he was a distinctive songwriter.

- Bob Marley -

2. When the genius says it, we believe it! Right?

- Albert Einstein -


3. Words that come from the biggest scientist of our time!

- Stephen Hawking -


4. This is probably why they say, ‘Your life is in your hands’. 

- Harvey Fierstein -


5. Life is a party, enjoy it before it gets over. 

- Oprah Winfrey - 

6. Here’s why a balance in life is of utmost importance. 

- Walt Disney -


7. The uncertainties of life is what makes it interesting! 

- Eminem -


8. How lucky are we that our hearts are beating right now?

- Joan Rivers -


9. Life is all about trial and errors. 

- Ralph waldo Emerson -


10. Here’s a perfect quote that reminds us how precious our time is. 

- Charles Darwin -


11. You are your best creation. 

- George Bernard Shaw -


12. This one is more than just uplifting. 

- Mae West -


13. Have you lived your second important day yet?

- Mark Twain -


14. When it comes to life quotes, people love this one. 

- Abraham Lincoln -


15. Live a life you don’t regret by filling it up with surprises and admiration. 

- Maya Angelou - 


These quotes about life are to live by! They revoke the dullness of life and remind us why life is a blessing we all should be grateful for. Life quotes fill us with a strange sense of gratitude and contentment and help us restore our faith in ourselves. So, if your circumstances are trying to knock you down, hold on tight and fight back in full power!


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