• 4 important things that every parent must know in raising their teenage daughter

4 important things that every parent must know in raising their teenage daughter

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     4 important things that every parent must know in raising their teenage daughter



How to teach girls puberty is extremely important, every parent needs to pay attention. Puberty is a child standing between young people and adults, with special features that are quite special, because a child-oriented world is absolutely necessary. Did the father himself know how to teach his daughter the right way to puberty? Let's look at 4 extremely important things with 2quotes.net as below, sure that parents' parenting will be very effective.


1. How to teach girls puberty - 8 things every parent should not ignore or take lightly


1.1 Help your child to be confident about themselves


Educating girls at puberty is to help them be confident in themselves, confident in knowledge, in appearance and in soul. Because confidence is the key to help children open the door to success and happiness. You can help your child improve their knowledge by giving them books or surprise them by signing them up for their favorite talent/soft skills class.


Teach her to appreciate and love herself, help her daughter feel confident with her appearance and help her feel happy and satisfied with what she has. Cultivate your child's altruism, tolerance, empathy, sharing and understanding. And don't forget that you will be an example for your children.


1.2 Teach your children about financial independence


She needs to be independent and financially independent, let her know the value of money as well as encourage her to go out, work part-time and pay for her own snacks and shopping. Teaching children to spend is indispensable. You should gently, guide and suggest a list of necessary and unnecessary items, help children distinguish more clearly, thereby building a correct spending plan.


1.3 Teach your children to always follow their dreams


You should learn and follow your children's dreams and passions, and help them fulfill them. Even if you fail, share your encouragement and give your child the right advice to start over. Nurture your child's dreams and teach him or her to do your best to achieve success.


1.4 Take care of your children more


Girls reaching puberty need more attention from their parents, especially the mother. Care, not meddling in your child's life. Observe the manifestations as well as the development of the child's body to the outside. Then you will have the best way to deal with that change with your child.


Girls often have more changes, so mothers should stay close to guide them in the necessary things because sharing and caring for their children will help them develop better and comprehensively.


1.5 Tell your child about the body changes entering puberty


There are many children who have fallen into crisis when entering this age. The children do not know anything about themselves, when the body naturally changes, it will make them afraid and confused. Therefore, we also need to have understanding to be able to communicate these issues to our children. Your baby will have her first period, breasts develop and some parts also develop. If you are not really skillful in these situations, your child's understanding of himself will not exist.


1.6 Teach your children about personal hygiene


This is really important. Parents should guide their children to clean the body, especially the private area. At first, the children will be confused and do not know how to handle it, only the mother is the one who is close and can help the child to debug at this time. From that knowledge will help children understand more about themselves and know how to take care of themselves better.


1.7 Teach children about self-defense skills – protect themselves


At this point, when the menstrual cycle occurs, your baby is already pregnant. Therefore, parents also need to share and teach their children how to defend and protect themselves. Mothers should give their children knowledge about how pregnancy is, and teach them about male and female relationships so that they can confidently communicate with friends of the opposite sex but still defend themselves. There are many cases because of lack of understanding, lack of care and sharing of the family, that many children have become mothers from the age of 13, 14. In addition, mothers should also teach their children how to prevent pregnancy to prevent such cases. Unintended.


1.8 Forgive me when I make a mistake


If your child has made a mistake, there is no need for severe punishment, but act with what your heart tells you, giving your child a chance to do it again. This behavior will make your child respect you more. Teens are like that, impulsive and sensitive. Strict rules do not make your child hate you at all, but the very ways you help them handle problems and teach them to grow up through mistakes will help them respect and love you more.


2. Things to avoid in how to teach girls puberty



2.1 Using a whip


During puberty, a girl's ego is very large, so her self-esteem is very high. If parents beat their children with sticks when they make mistakes or embarrass them in public, the children will be disgruntled, calloused, and more difficult to obey. Moreover, when using spanking on children, parents will lose the opportunity to become friends with their children, which is extremely important when raising children during puberty. This will increase the distance between you and the child.


2.2 scolding


This is not the way to teach girls about puberty because at such times, she will no longer want to listen to what parents have to say. At this age, your child develops and changes psychology often, especially, if you scold, your child will have a different attitude from normal parents such as: silent, grumpy, difficult...


It's best to wait until you feel calm enough to talk to your child more effectively when something happens or gets angry.


2.3 Strictly control your child's spending


This will make the child uncomfortable, easily backfired. When I ask for money, parents often ask me to disclose the purpose of use, or cut costs if I make a mistake.


For girls, taking care of beauty during this period is essential for her. If the child is not satisfied by the parents, it will lead to the child borrowing from friends, or finding ways to get the money they want, easily being taken advantage of by the bad guys.


Each month, you should give your child a certain amount of money so that he can make a suitable spending plan for himself with that amount. Do not forbid or strictly control your child's spending, parents should explain to their children the value of money, the spending is appropriate for the child's age.


2.3 Be friends with your child by all means


Girls just like to be friends with people their own age. So it is very difficult to make friends with children because of the difference in age, life concept between parents... Therefore, don't try to be friends with your children, but should care and spend more time with your children, listen to them. and respect your children's opinions, give them the freedom to express their dreams… Just by doing that, you have become the best parents and grandparents.


2.4 Not listening


At this age, children are not always ready to open up to their parents, so you need to take every opportunity to talk to them. Listening to your child during puberty is extremely important and necessary. Listen more, and only give advice for children to choose, do not force them.


2.5 Limit your child's contact with friends of the opposite sex


Parents often teach their children that when their children begin to grow up, parents often keep their children at home all day, limiting their children's contact with friends of the opposite sex for fear of being tempted. However, if children are not allowed to go out to communicate and experience life, they will lack basic life skills and have difficulty integrating into society. More dangerous, when the children grow up, it will be difficult to face the pitfalls in life.


The best way to protect children is to equip them with basic knowledge about sex. Teaching children about sex, especially safe sex and self-protection skills, is something that parents should do. Do not forbid, let the child learn, so that he has a more specific understanding of the problem. You should also understand that in adolescence, girls sometimes do not appear to have feelings, or vibrations with the opposite sex. Sometimes, your child's friendship with a friend of the opposite sex is negative due to your hasty attitude.


2.6 Being too strict with your children


Puberty is a difficult age, girls at this age have erratic personalities, their self-esteem is very high, so parents should listen to their children and respect their opinions. Being too strict, or unreasonably forbidding children will have the opposite effect, this is a mistake that many parents make. When children make mistakes, should point out their shortcomings, and guide them in the right direction.


3. Necessary principles when teaching girls puberty



3.1 Work hard and do your best


Parents should teach their children about attitudes when working and studying. Need to work hard and do your best, that is the principle that helps stimulate your child to learn better. For each failure, let the child pick himself up, see it as a life lesson to learn from. As long as they give their best, they deserve praise no matter what the outcome.


3.2 Always tell the truth and be honest


This is a principle that cannot be ignored when teaching children how to deal with all relationships. We all want our kids to tell us the truth. Honesty is the strongest bond in all relationships. Only when children are really honest with themselves can they face difficulties and problems in social and family relationships.


3.3 Do not hurt others


At this age, sometimes your child is not able to think deeply and actions can hurt the other person. Children need to be helped to have empathy and compassion for the pain of others, not laugh, mock or unintentionally. This is how to teach girls at puberty to lay the foundation for them to be good people.


Actions such as hitting, pinching, biting you need to be corrected from a young age. In addition, it is necessary to let children know the potential risks in relationships with people around to avoid sexual abuse, emotional violence, physical violence, etc.


3.4 Do not take what is not yours


When children are young, they may not know what is right and wrong. Sometimes with my pride, I do many things that are not right. Taking what is not yours is also in this case. Maybe it's just out of curiosity, because of wanting to own, but taking other people's things is really a condemnable act.


3.5 Treat everyone like a child would like to be treated


The golden rule is "when you want people to do something for you, do it for others". Sharing and helping others in difficult times will not be wasted because at some point, children may have to ask them again. Teach your child to smile at everyone. Surely no one would not smile back at the child.


3.6 Setting standards


In modern times, parents often do not restrict their children but let them have their own space to express themselves. However, children are in puberty, how much freedom is still not enough. If we let our children loose too much, they will inadvertently slip away from the norm.


There are standards that you should contract with your children such as: having to go home before 10 p.m., not smoking, drinking alcohol, not bringing friends of the opposite sex home when parents are not at home, ... for children and require them to respect Respect that if you want your parents to respect your free space.


4. The secret to helping parents teach their girls puberty effectively and successfully


4.1 I'm in the fairy age


Children in puberty are about 12-15 years old. This is the time when your child is developing both his appearance and his inner thoughts. Children begin to have a lot of private conversations and first feelings with friends of the opposite sex. During this time, parents should sympathize with their children's fluctuations, tolerant and gently remind and correct their children if they do something wrong.


4.2 I'm a girl, and she's a boy


You should talk about your baby's gender and the difference between girls and boys. At this stage, the friendship between the child and "her" is no longer as natural as before. Parents need to schedule a talk with their child about sex soon. Parents can raise problems with their own stories and share their experiences with their children. Remind your child about gender differences, the limits that they need to pay attention to.


4.3 Try to eat delicious food, don't be afraid of fat


Parents should pay attention to their children's nutrition during this period. Encouraging children to eat nutritious foods, eat green vegetables and drink a lot of water is very helpful for physical development, especially height for children at this stage. Because of this time, many children at puberty are afraid of becoming obese, so they have their own diet. Leading to many cases of children having low blood sugar, fainting at school, affecting their health as well as their learning quality.


4.4 Take care of your studies so you won't regret it later


Parents need to pay attention to remind their children regularly without being critical and scolding them. Let your children understand that learning should be a top priority and neglecting to study will affect their future. Because babies will often dream and like to do things the way they like.


4.5 Let parents wipe their children's tears


Girls in puberty are very sensitive, vulnerable, often irritable and often "exaggerate" the problem. Children often look to friends to confide in, but rarely tell their parents because they are afraid that their parents will not be able to understand and sympathize with them. But, parents should try to be close and recognize the psychological changes of their children so that they can intervene in time. The subtle gentleness and always appearing at the right time at the necessary times is considered one of the remarkable parenting secrets, making a significant contribution to parents' success in raising their children, especially with their children. from puberty onwards.


4.6 Do not shy away from sensitive questions


At puberty, girls will have many changes and questions about the development of their bodies. Because we adults are often shy, avoiding those sensitive answers. That will make our daughter lack of understanding and even more suspicious of the issues she cares about.


How to teach girls puberty is important and parents should not take it lightly, superficially or ignore it. Your child's fairy age is also the foundation for your child's future development. But that fairy age also contains many difficulties of its own for both the child and the parents. Therefore, let's take the time to learn and give them the right advice at the right time, so that the children always feel the care of their parents, and at the same time, parents should strive to always be a good example in their daughters. I can see, learn and imitate, parents.

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