• How to make friends in your life- How to get a new relationship-part 2

How to make friends in your life- How to get a new relationship-part 2

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Satuday, 28/05/2016 12:05

How to make friend? That's a very interting question. Let's read some easy way to get new friends on 2quote.net



Make eye contact and smile. If you have an unfriendly countenance, people are less likely to be receptive to your friendship. Try not squinting (get some glasses), looking bored, frowning or appearing blankly deadpan, folding your arms (this practically screams "don't talk to me") or hanging out in a corner; such habits may make you look troubled or disinterested.



Start a conversation. There are many ways to do this; a comment about your immediate environment (The weather is a classic: "At least it's not raining like last week!"), a request for help ("Can you help me carry a few boxes, if you have a minute?" or "Can you help me decide which one of these is a better gift for my mom?") or a compliment ("That's a nice car." or "I love your shoes."). Follow up immediately with a related question: Do you like this warm weather? What kinds of gifts do you normally buy for your mom? Where did you get shoes like that?



Make small talk. Keep the 30% talking/70% listening, ratio in mind during small talk when possible. Keep in mind that this is only a general rule, and that the optimal ratio of listening to talking is dependent on room temperature, time of day, and number of conversational participants.



Introduce yourself at the end of the conversation. It can be as simple as saying "Oh, by the way, my name is...". Once you introduce yourself, the other person will typically do the same. Remember his or her name! If you show that you remembered things from your past conversation(s) with the person, not only will you look intelligent but he or she will see that you were paying attention and are willing to be a true friend.



Initiate a get-together. You can chat your heart out but it won't get you a friend if you don't open up the opportunity for another conversation or meeting. This is especially important if you meet someone who you aren't otherwise likely to meet again. Seize the day!  


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