• Orphan quotes that will make you more considerate towards them

Orphan quotes that will make you more considerate towards them

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Orphans, or children who have lost both their parents to death, are left to protect themselves as the most vulnerable in our society. Even worse are the children abandoned by their parents, forced to live the lives of orphans despite their parents' lives. As young children, most people enjoy nourishment, love and caring by their mother and father - a refusal for orphans, to read together orphan quotes to inspire they.


To read together orphan quotes to inspire they.


1. “The truth is you can be orphaned again and again and again. The truth is, you will be. And the secret is, this will hurt less and less each time until you can't feel a thing. Trust me on this.” 

- Chuck Palahniuk -



To read together orphan quotes to inspire they.

2. “Perhaps there are those who are able to go about their lives unfettered by such concerns. But for those like us, our fate is to face the world as orphans, chasing through long years the shadows of vanished parents. There is nothing for it but to try and see through our missions to the end, as best we can, for until we do so, we will be permitted no calm.” 

- Kazuo Ishiguro, When We Were Orphans -


3. “There," she said. She rocked him back and forth. "There, you foolish, beautiful boy who wants to change the world. There, there. And who could keep from loving you? Who could keep from loving a boy so brave and true?” 

- Kate DiCamillo, The Magician's Elephant -


4. “When you lose your parents as a child, you are indoctrinated into a club, you re taken into life's severest confidence. You are undeceived.” 

- Hilary Thayer Hamann, Anthropology of an American Girl -


5. “The women laughed and wept; the crowd stamped their feet enthusiastically, for at that moment Quasimodo was really beautiful. He was handsome — this orphan, this foundling, this outcast.” 

- Victor Hugo, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame -


6. “The purpose of having the orphans study all these diverse fields was not for them to just become geniuses, but to become polymaths – meaning they would be geniuses in a wide variety of fields.” 

- James Morcan, The Ninth Orphan -


7. “Orphans are the only ones who get to choose their fathers, and they love them twice as much.” 

- Adam Johnson, The Orphan Master's Son -


8. “Orphanages are the only places that ever left me feeling empty and full at the same time.” 

- John M. Simmons -


9. “Not sure how much longer she can continue her fight for the children or how much more of her there is to give, she pledged to keep going until she no longer can.” 

- Kay Bratt, Unsavory Elements: Stories of Foreigners on the Loose in China -


10. “Mother was anchor. Mother was comfort. Mother was home. A girl who lost her mother was suddenly a tiny boat on an angry ocean. Some boats eventually floated ashore. And some boats, like me, seemed to float farther and farther from land.” 

- Ruta Sepetys, Salt to the Sea -


11. “If your brother can't 'old 'is own against a bunch of orphans, 'e'd best leave off playing 'azard altogether!” 

- Sheri Cobb South, The Weaver Takes a Wife -


12. “If you want to celebrate a happy occasion, Do it by helping those who are in need.” 

- Mohith Agadi -


13. “Tell me, Theodore, were you playing against orphans, by any chance?” 

- Sheri Cobb South, The Weaver Takes a Wife -


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