Your Limitation - It’s Only Your Imagination

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Friday, 05/06/2020 10:06

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso


Our imagination is one of the keys to a productive life. In fact, life is only limited by a lack of imagination. Our imagination is the key to untold worlds when we grow up as children. And it has been shown that children with very active imaginations are more likely to dream as adults and strive for more things.


At the age of five, the children’s imagination is at their peak, their memory is sharp, and they can remember anything very quickly.


But it’s a sad fact that we’re told to “Stop Dreaming” and living in an imaginary world isn’t good for us. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to suppress your imagination, for it will only lay the foundation for accelerated aging, and all too often a life that feels unsatisfied.


See an example: Imagine if you’re asking your parents or anyone else for guidance: What can I do in my life? They’re answering anything you want. And you don’t think you can do anything, you give up without trying to do it. This is your failure. Your imagination is the only limitation.


Simply, we can say that nothing will stop you except your imagination, so if you have a lot of imagination, nothing will stop you, but if you don’t have any imagination, your strengths and abilities will be limited because you don’t have enough imagination to help you overcome your problems and difficulties.


To achieve your goal, learn to use your imagination, and raise your thinking to a higher level. Your imagination is going to motivate you to move in the direction of your dreams.

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