Rare "mutant" animals

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Wednesday, 28/07/2021 03:07

Rare "mutant" animals


Surprise with the strangest mutant animals in nature


A rare blue lobster has just been discovered by

people arrested in Canada in June 2012



This strawberry-colored crab was found

off the coast of Taiwan in 2010



Fossil of a giant oyster was found in the Solent in May

6-2012. It's 10 times bigger than normal oysters



Due to a genetic variation, this deer has become a handsome eccentric with an attractive patchy coat.



The most special peacock in the world with half normal and half albino. With half of his body suffering from albinism, this peacock has a beauty that no one can ignore.



Pink dragonflies, very beautiful, very rare but do exist. This is also a product of genetic mutation.



Albino crocodile, it seems that when wearing this radiant pink and white skin, the crocodile is less scary. However, in fact, this animal is still as dangerous as its killer counterpart.



Also suffering from albinism, this parrot owns bright yellow and white feathers that are extremely eye-catching.




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