• Beautiful quotes about life to help you get motivated to overcome boredom

Beautiful quotes about life to help you get motivated to overcome boredom

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Sunday, 22/08/2021 06:08

Beautiful quotes about life to help you get motivated to overcome boredom


Life always has levels of emotions that anyone in life experiences from happiness, suffering, joy and sadness, anger, love, hope, disappointment... help you strong overcome the low points of life.




1 - Man is not born to disappear like a nameless grain of sand. They were born to leave their mark on the ground, to leave their mark on the hearts of others.


2 - Don't hide your love and tenderness until you die. Fill your life with sweetness. Say kind words while you can still hear them and your heart still flutters.


3- Sincerity is the best thing you can give someone. Truth, trust, friendship and love all depend on it.


4 - It is impossible to live without making mistakes, unless you are as careful as possible, but then it is invisible that you have made mistakes.


5 - No matter how big your house is, whether you just bought a brand new car, or even how much money you have in your bank account, your grave is just as big. that size. Be humble.


6 - Don't say but do. Don't chatter, take action. Don't promise, prove it.


7 - Never make long-term decisions while emotions are short-term.


8 - For you, it's never too old to have a new goal or to dream a new dream.


9 - Sometimes you don't need to have goals in life, big ones, you just need to know what you have to do next.


10 - Time is free but it is priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can use it, but you cannot keep it. Once you lose it, you won't be able to get it back.


11 - When a person cries, the first tear falls from the right eye… that is they are happy. And when it comes from the left eye… it's pain.


12 - Silence and smile are two powerful weapons. Smiling is the way to solve many problems, silence is the way to avoid problems.


13 - The real filth is not on the outside but on the inside, in our hearts. We can wash away the stains with water, but the only thing we cannot remove is the hatred and evil intentions that are firmly embedded in our hearts.


14 - Life is not always perfect but it is the result of what you create. So make it valuable, make it memorable and never let anyone steal your happiness.


15 - Worrying is just a waste of time, it doesn't change anything, other than take away the joy and keep you busy all the time without getting anything done.



16 - Anything can be bad, but the mood can't be bad; anything can be lacking but confidence is not lacking; anything may not be needed, but fun is required; Anything can be forgotten, but health training must not be forgotten.


17 - Treat yourself well, happiness is incomparable. Being kind to others, having fun is incomparable; If you treat life well, you will be incomparably healthy.


18 - There are three things to forget: Forgetting age, forgetting the past and forgetting grudges.


19 - There are four things you need: No matter how strong or weak you are, you definitely need to have a true lover, have close friends, have a growing career day by day, and have a warm, full home. love.


20 - There are 6 things you shouldn't: You should not be hungry to eat, should not be thirsty to drink, should not be sleepy to go to sleep, should not be tired to rest, should not be sick to go to the doctor, should not be old to regret!


21 - Not seeking is precious, having few diseases is longevity, having enough is rich, not having lust is happiness, and gratitude is joy.


22 - Without health, intelligence, culture, and abilities are hard to show and intellectuals have no chance to use them.


23 - Human life is not about living long or short, but about becoming enlightened sooner or later; Life is not used to correct others right or wrong, but to make a colorful life of ourselves.


24 - Those who are resentful do not suffer, those who resent others suffer serious injuries. Therefore, you should absolutely not hate people and then harm yourself.


25 - If someone insults you and curses you, it is not necessary to turn around to see who that person is. Think about it a little deeper, suppose a mad dog bites you, wouldn't you need to crouch down to the ground just to give it a bite back?


26 - Do not argue with fools, otherwise it will be impossible to know who the fool is.


27 - Learning is a bronze medal, competence is a silver medal, predestined relationships, human social relationships are gold medals and thinking stands above all of the above medals.


28 - Successful people do not win at the starting point, but at the turning point.


29 - Money is of two types: When it's spent, it's money, it's property. Don't spend it all, it's "paper", it's heritage.



30 - Express your temper out, that's called instinct. Suppressing the temper inside, that's called bravery.


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