Buddha's 14 Commandments - Buddha's Teachings

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Friday, 27/05/2016 11:05

Buddha's 14 Commandments on LIFE


1. The greatest enemy in life is the self


2.The greatest ignorance in life is deceit


3.The greatest failure in life is vanity


4.The greatest tragedy in life is jealousy


5.The greatest error in life is to lose oneself


6.The greatest crime in life is disloyalty to parents


7.The greatest pity in life is self-belittlement


8.The greatest pride in life is recovering from failures


9.The greatest bankruptcy in life is hopelessness


10.The greatest wealth in life is health and wisdom


11.The greatest debt in life is affection and love


12.The greatest gift in life is acceptance and forgiveness


13.The greatest weakness in life is lack of awareness


14.The greatest consolation in life is charity

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