• 20+ Love Hard Quotes for Everyone Looking For Their Soulmate

20+ Love Hard Quotes for Everyone Looking For Their Soulmate

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Sunday, 04/12/2022 02:12

  20+ Love Hard Quotes for Everyone Looking For Their Soulmate


Read these Love Hard quotes we’ve compiled if you’re someone who wishes to find their special someone before this coming Christmas.

We all know that finding true love is hard. Many of us might have already gone through countless heartbreaks only to realize that the person we’re seeing isn’t the one for us. Because of this, people result to different means when it comes to finding a partner.


For Natalie in Love Hard, she used dating apps. There’s nothing wrong with them, and in fact, many true-to-life stories are proof of successful matches. However, there will always be a risk of being catfished, which is what happened to Natalie.


When she matched with someone on the dating app, Natalie felt he was perfect for her. So, she flew 3,000 miles to surprise him for the holidays. It was then that she realized that she’d been tricked.


This list is perfect if you want to learn more about Natalie, her struggles, and the online dating world. Make sure you read through to the end!



Best Love Hard Quotes


1. “I’ve spent my entire life looking for the perfect guy. But there’s perfect, and there’s perfect for me.” – Natalie Bauer


2. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Kerry


3. “What nonsense. People used to fall in and out of love based solely upon the written word. The pen is mightier than the penis.” – Grandma June Lin


4. “I keep thinking my perfect match has to be out there, just one click away.” – Natalie Bauer


5. “Honey, sometimes blow-ups can be a good thing. You might not always get the ending that you want, but you’ll get the ending that you need.” – Kerry


6. “People seem to love that I can’t find love.” – Natalie Bauer


7. “Either I’m the unluckiest woman in the world or my picker is broken.” – Natalie Bauer


8. “It has been said in Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. But fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning humans to spend the rest of their lives searching for their other half—their soul’s equal. And if that’s true, then Zeus is an asshole.” – Natalie Bauer


9. “Here’s the thing. You’re not just fooling yourself. There’s someone else on the other side of that lie falling in love with a version of you that doesn’t exist. And that’s not fair, because the only way it ends for them is disappointment. And the only way it ends for you is heartbreak. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that love doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be honest.” – Josh Lin


10. “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Josh Lin


Love Hard Quotes That’ll Make You Think


11. “That’s why sosh media exists: to either distract people from their own lives or to show them that things could be, you know, so, so much worse.” – Lee


12. “Dating has never really been easy. But modern, online dating? It has never been harder.” – Natalie Bauer


13. “I thought I flew 3,000 miles to see how my story ended. And instead, I found out how it begins.” – Natalie Bauer


14. “What if I write a piece about a girl on the verge of completely giving up on love when she comes to find the perfect guy might actually exist? So she risks it all: her sanity, her common sense, her ability to ever be on The Bachelor—and it’s worth it because they fall in love just in time for Christmas.” – Natalie Bauer


15. Natalie Bauer: “But more importantly, you’re a good guy, Josh.”


Josh Lin: “Well, I don’t know how to show that in a photo.”


Natalie Bauer: “Well, for starters, you have to believe that it’s true. And then, once you do, trust me, it’ll show.”


Love Hard Quotes to Remember Forever


16. “You were a lie. A piece of fiction.” – Natalie Bauer


17. “That guy is everything that is wrong with Christmas. It’s the reason I don’t celebrate it.” – Tag


18. “I like to think it is a story about the triumph of love over reality.” – Natalie Bauer


19. “Remember, a disaster for you is a hit for me.” – Lee


20. “The mother of all ironies is this might be the most sane thing you’ve ever done.” – Kerry


More Love Hard Quotes for You to Appreciate


21. “Some people find him a self-obsessed narcissist, fanatical about self-control, not to mention a total hypocrite, but personally, I find him so inspiring.” – Natalie Bauer


22. “Just because we’re girlfriends now, doesn’t mean I won’t fire you.” – Lee


23. “I had my profile up for a year, and guess how many matches I got? Three. And one of them was my old English teacher. She’s 70 now and has a pacemaker. Having sex with her would literally kill her.” – Josh Lin


24. “Okay, so you got mad at Josh for catfishing you, and then you go and do the exact same thing to me. Congratulations. And by the way, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” – Tag


25. Kerry: “So really, there’s only one con.”


Natalie Bauer: “What?”


Kerry: “You’ve never seen him.”


Natalie Bauer: “Come on. There’s six pictures on his profile.”


Kerry: “That means nothing. Remember the last guy you met up with in public?”


Natalie Bauer: “Yeah?”



Kerry: “Yeah. He ended up being 20 years older than his photos. This guy could be old. He could be a waiter from the Last Supper.”


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