99+ Romantic Love Messages & Wishes

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Monday, 17/10/2022 09:10

     99+ Romantic Love Messages & Wishes


Words. They set the tempo for this love dance. The way her smile just melts you. Have you told her? That rush of happy when you see him. Does he know? Use your tech skills, the world’s clunkiest printer, or a nubby pencil, but remind your best guy or gal your heart is theirs, that all your other priorities line up after their name. Follow a few simple tips, and you can go pro.


Short but sweet is still sweet! A little goes a long way when it’s sincere and from your heart.

Personal connects best. Reference a special memory or maybe a pet name. Remind them how their eyes capture you, that their laughter is your favorite music.

Compose. Send. If you don’t share your thoughts, they’re still your thoughts, not a message. 

Really, it only takes a minute to text or send a card or set yourself a reminder to tell her…that. To say…this…to him. From across the table or across the world, sending love was never easier. What will you say today?



Sweet Messages to Her


  • Love you and will always do, Jenny. Life with you is a sweet ride.
  • Together forever. When we first fell in love, I thought it was the best day of my life.
  • But as each day goes by, I’m discovering that I love you more and more.
  • I love you. Every bit of you. 
  • (Just in case you didn’t know.)
  • Forever and ever.
  • Special Delivery for my special one. (Love you Baby) Smushed all my love into this card! 
  • I love you to the moon and back. For starters.
  • I love to hang around with you. Us, side-by-side. Joy.
  • Owl always love you. Who has my heart? Only you. Forever.
  • I think you’re hot stuff. The hottest. 
  • I’ll think I’ll keep you. Follow me home?
  • You’re bacon me crazy. Crazy in love. With you.
  • Opposites attract, similarities endure, and a little variety keeps things spicy! Here’s to us, seasoned with love!
  • Love you, Alice. All my hugs and kisses are for you.
  • You’re so lovely. Your beauty stops my heart. Your mind amazes me. Your character challenges me to be a better person. I love the lovely, lovely you. 
  • Just for you. 
  • Today is one more day of always, 
  • One more step toward forever us.
  • To my gorgeous Wife. My one and only and forever love.
  • I love you. I love the natural warmth in your smile, the sincerity in your eyes.
  • I love that you look love back at me. 
  • Love you. My one-and-only tweet-heart.
  • Love you. You are the grace and strength and beauty I didn’t know I was missing. Intoxicating.
  • Love always. All the tomorrows, my love is yours.
  • Sending love to you, Rosalyn. 
  • I was thinking of you today, 
  • and it was my favorite thing I did.
  • All. Day.
  • To my Wife. I love how comfortable it is to love each other, how cuddling side by side feels right and safe and happy.
  • You are my universe. And the stars in my eyes.
  • You’re so sweet. So glad you’re sweet on me! Love you, Ashley!
  • Hello, Beautiful. You captivate me, Cassie. One look, and I’m blown away all over again. You have my heart, today and always. 




Sweet Messages to Him



  • Love You. Our growing love makes my heart so happy! 
  • My heart is always thinking of you. Always. Love you, Riley.
  • I luv u
  • You lift my heart to new heights of love.
  • I love you with all my heart. I never understood that, really. But now I do. And all my heart is yours, full of love that’s yours alone.
  • Always and forever. That’s us, Babe. Love you.
  • All the hearts. Forever. Love you, Mitch.
  • I love you. Cheek to cheek is purrfect.
  • Love you to the moon and back. Every day. Forever.
  • I love you. My heart? All you.
  • Loving you is no probllama. 
  • You are my moon and stars. The light in my universe. Love you, Babe.
  • Suddenly, all the love songs were about you. All the sweet romantic phrases speak what my heart feels.
  • Every day with you is a Fiesta. Our love? Excitement! Joy!
  • Love you.
  • I love our forever love, Robin, a love fragrant with shared smiles and sweet secrets. 
  • Love you. I couldn’t have dreamed big enough to imagine you. You’re more of everything good.
  • Kiss me. And then kiss me again. Love you, Babe.
  • So happy together! Eva + Luca. Me+You. One great love. Love you, Luca! 
  • I love you. I love the beauty between us that is our growing love.
  • Of all the fish in the sea, you’re the only one for me. What a catch! 
  • Love you. Endlessly.
  • Love. Finding you, finding love, has made the journey worthwhile. 
  • I love you, Sam – right now, today, and for all the miles ahead.
  • Love you. Love loving you.
  • You shower me with love. My favorite weather! Love you, Alex.
  • I love us. I love you, Michael, and I love who you inspire me to be.
  • LOVE
  • Family love and friend love are strong and good, 
  • but this love lights up my world, my life, my heart.
  • I love you, Charlie.



Sweet Messages That Speak Love for You



  • The way you look at me. I could live on that.
  • I donut know what I’d do without you. It’s holey unthinkable. Love you!
  • You are my sunshine. My ONLY sunshine. Love you, Carey!
  • Special Delivery for you. What other kind could I send to someone as special as you? 
  • I will never stop loving you. Stop loving your smile? Your kindness? Your generous heart? Impossible. 
  • Together we soar. You make me better, stronger, more alive. I love you, Boo. 
  • I love you. By my side. Always.
  • You’re my jam. And I’m sweet on you!
  • You are my reason to smile. And smile and smile and smile! 
  • Let’s quarantine! We can just roll with it. Together!
  • You are totally my type. My heart is a font of love for you!
  • I woof you. Times were ruff before I met you. Love you, J.J.!
  • I love you a little s’more every day. It’s a sweet life.
  • Lotta love. All yours! 
  • I’m so lucky to have you. We’re so lucky to have us. Lucky to have found each other.
  • Popping up to say I love you. You’re the toast with the most! 
  • Feeling lonely without you…I love you. I love when we’re together, quietly loving each other.
  • Miss you a brunch! We’re so eggcellent together, and I love you berry much!
  • Just fur you. Be claws I love you!
  • You are so loved. My heart is full with love for you and yet still it loves you more and more.
  • I love your smile. I love how joyful it is, how it lights you up. I especially love when it’s just for me.
  • Perfect together. A matched pair.
  • Keep calm and pucker up. Then do it again. Love you, Skyler! 
  • Kiss me. Take us to the stars, Babe.
  • Yummy and sweet, a refreshing treat… You’re my all-time favorite flavor!
  • I love you. With you life is sweet. Every day with you is deliciously wonderful!
  • You are the sweetest. And you know how I love sweets!
  • You’re my cup of tea. It makes me smile to think of you and warms me up inside.
  • Missing you over time. More and more and more.
  • Let’s dance… Step by step to sweet romance!
  • Treat yo’ self… to an evening with me!
  • Only you. Always you. Forever. Love you, Jordan, with all my heart.
  • I heart you. If I had to rate you on a scale of 0 to 10, I would give you a 9 and be the 1 you need.
  • Love. Our love multiplies the power of our gifts joined together while at the same time inspiring each of us to be a stronger individual. Our love makes us better in every way. 
  • Love you and will always do. Joined at the heart, us two.
  • Olive you. I’d be pitiful without you, Quinn.
  • I’ve only got eyes for you. Owl love you and only you forever!
  • Follow your heart to your one true love. Mine led me straight to you.
  • You are my cup of tea. 
  • Perfectly blended, a splendid brew!
  • That’s us, Babe. I love you!
  • Hugs and kisses. Mine are all yours for always. 
  • You’re the glaze to my donut. The sweet to my heart.
  • It was meant to bee. 
  • You and me, me and you. 
  • Sweet romance, honey for two.
  • YOU
  • Who makes my heart smile? 
  • Who puts stars in my eyes?
  • Who do I love forever?
  • Let’s run away.
  • Love discovers secret clearings
  • of treasured togetherness.
  • Let’s revisit some of ours.
  • You are my sweet cupcake. Perfect for exactly one person. (That would be me.)
  • Love you. Today is one more day of our always, another step toward our forever.
  • With each passing day I realize more and more how lucky I am to have you in my life. I love you!
  • Love you. You know it’s true. Owl always be in love with you!
  • You. Me. Chocolate. The Perfect Love Triangle.
  • In a relationship! We see eye-to-eye about so many things, no wonder this works. Love you!



Romantic Whispers to Her



  • My heart never beat this fast at the mere sight of another person. I’m always sure you’re going to hear it thumping, pounding, drumming out, “I love this girl!”
  • You’re clever and silly and mischievous, and I love every minute of you being you with me. A person you can laugh with? You can get through life with that.
  • I don’t say often enough how much you mean to me. I’m going to work on that. I notice your daily kindnesses. I see you keep on caring even when I make it hard. Your beauty and dignity still delight my heart. You are treasured, cherished, valued. You are my only love.
  • I used to think a lifetime sounded way too long to promise to love someone. Then, you. Now I wish I could promise you more.
  • You really are the glue that holds our life together. You’re like an amazing juggler who never drops any of a gazillion balls and makes it look easy – but I know it’s not. And you do it all with love and good humor and patience and forgiveness. I appreciate you so much. My love for you is as endless as laundry.
  • Mesmerizing. Haven’t used that word much before. But it’s you. I can’t take my eyes away. I can’t focus beyond your loveliness. The music of your voice holds my hearing. Mesmerizing. 
  • It’s like someone turned down the sun when we’re apart. You are light and joy, and you bring out the brighter side of me. You are my lovely sunshine.
  • When is the last time I told you how amazing you are, how gorgeously stunning I find you? Yesterday? This morning? So, too long ago. You are so lovely and accomplished and beyond capable to meet every challenge with determined grace. No wonder I love you so much.
  • My ideal lovely lady was a lot to ask for, but look at you. You’re more enchanting than all my dreams, more wonderful than my imaginations. My loveliest of ladies.
  • I love the life we’ve built together, the family and community ties we’ve fastened good and tight. But I really love when it’s just us two loving each other in the ho-hum normal. 




Romantic Whispers to Him




  • If you were here. Right here beside me. I’d confess how privileged I feel to enjoy the companionship that’s become so easy for us. I’d admit that your laugh ripples through my memory. I’d admire your strength of character. I’d tell you that your heart touches mine. I’d say I love you.
  • I know I’ll be surprised to wake up tomorrow and realize I love you even more than I do now, because it happens Every. Single. Day.
  • We’re so different and yet so perfect together. We don’t have to think the same about everything to be on the same page about love. I can’t wait to know our whole story, to look back and laugh and cry and hug our way through all the memories of us.
  • You know that thing you do and I crack up? It’s crazy, but it’s one of the reasons I love you so much!
  • Movies. Books. They show love exploding between two people with energy and light and chemistry. It seems exaggerated and romanticized. But then your love changed my world. No book, no movie could touch what we have. Love you so much.
  • If I hadn’t met you, I’d be okay. I’d have a happy life and fulfilling days. But you added a bazillion pixels to the way I see the world. You opened a whole new level of happy. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us!
  • Did you think we’d get this far? I wasn’t sure what I thought of you at first, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t think about me past the door! But look at us. I’m so glad there was a second chance, another side of each of us that matched.
  • PB&J on a park bench or fine dining in our Sunday best – together is all that matters to me. Beside you is the perfect location for… anything. Love you so much!
  • My heart still goes pitter-patter when I hear your step, see your face, get lost in your arms. Every day and counting, I love you, Babe.
  • You know I think you are The. Best. But I love that you don’t wear all that with pride and pomp. You step back and let others shine when your own light would be brighter. You reach out to lend a hand when you could take over and get more done. You live love, and that makes me love you even more.



Romantic Whispers That Speak Love for You 




  • I knew from the start I’d lost my heart to you. That you would feel the same? Life’s best gift. 
  • I was thinking about you, because I always do that, and it made me smile like a goofball in the middle of some pretty serious-faced people. But I didn’t even care. I love you that much.
  • You’re pretty cute, but it was your character and humor and kindness that sealed the deal. Who could get too much of that? Not me. Nope.
  • Yesterday I woke up and chose you. Today I woke up and chose you. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and choose you. I choose you forever.
  • It’s been a tough stretch of life, but your love has given me the strength and purpose to keep going, keep trying, keep hoping. I’ll always keep loving – loving you.
  • We’ve stepped on each other’s toes in this dance of love, but we’ve had some great moves, too. I’d risk my toes any day just to be with you.
  • So many of my memories are only happy because you’re in them. Sharing life with you makes the good times worth remembering.
  • You know what I love? Those random moments when I hear a snippet of a song that makes me think of you. When I see your favorite snack at the store, or pass someone wearing fan gear for your favorite team. I love that the whole world is full of reminders of the one I love. 
  • So, we drive each other crazy sometimes. But we always work our way back to each other, back to the love we won’t give up. I love that about you, about us.
  • It was scary taking the next step, risking friendship to see if there was something more. I’m so glad we did. So. Glad.
  • Our story isn’t a high-tech thriller, but our little narrative has its charms. I’m just glad we met at all, and that there was room in your heart for me.









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