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Friday, 16/06/2023 05:06

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1. Brother, although the earth is round, if you don't hide well, you will still meet me.

2. Flowers only bloom when someone watered them. I only smile when standing in front of the person I love.

3. Don't call me a maiden. While what I lack is men.

4. If loving you is wrong... then tomorrow I will love someone else!

5. My house is near the temple, near the temple. I don't love you, I also cast a spell on love.

6. I love you not lying. Our love is tight, isn't it?

7. Today I'm busy loving life. See you another day we love each other.

8. These days, you just need to know how many numbers the account jumps. But I don't need to know where I stand in someone's heart.

9. The sky is blue, my heart is red. Why don't you accept, ask me to love you

10. If you don't love me, I'll love someone else. Gypsy law does not allow me to be alone.

11. Live virtual, I have but live with someone... I don't.

12. My hair is black. My heart is red. Come close, I ask small? Do you like me?

13. My heart is already chaotic. Why have you come to make a mess?

14. If you consider my love as a grain of sand. I will pour the desert into your heart.

15. My life is still unfinished. Can you step in for protection?

16. Don't love me because I'm a drug. Once you get addicted to it, you can't quit.

17. I just need to love you and the whole world will take care of you.

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