• 17 beautiful photos of isolated tribes around the world

17 beautiful photos of isolated tribes around the world

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Friday, 29/07/2022 09:07

     17 beautiful photos of isolated tribes around the world

Visiting 34 indigenous cultural regions across 5 continents and capturing the beautiful moments of isolated tribes, photographer Jimmy Nelson's series of photos took the world by surprise.


The author of this series of photos is Jimmy Nelson, he has spent weeks traveling to many different countries around the world and learning the culture and capturing images of isolated tribes.


In 2018, Jimmy announced his next epic project titled "Honoring Mankind", the same theme as "Before They Disappear". It is known that Jimmy Nelson has visited 34 indigenous cultural areas across 5 continents and recorded documentary photos as well as information about the land he has visited.


Jimmy believes that these isolated tribes play an important role in our perception of humanity. And his photos will be put together into a wonderful journey through the cradle of human culture.


Let's admire 17 breathtaking photos of Jimmy Nelson's isolated tribes.


Hakamou'i, Ua Pou, Marguesas Island, French Polynesia




Yang Shuo people, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China




Masked dancers, Paro, Bhutan. These dancers are the Paro Taktsang Monastery, one of the most sacred places of the Bhutanese.




Huli Wigmen tribe by Ambua waterfall, Tari valley, Papua New Guinea




The Masai people live in Tarangire, Rift Escarpment, Tanzania. Masai men still maintain the ancient rite of passage, where the patriarch will pull out a boy's front tooth. In addition, the adult Masai man pierced his ears, carried a knife by his side, and held a spear in his hand to hunt.




The exiled monks of the Aghori tribe resided in Varanasi. This is a mysterious ancient people in India, who have the custom of applying white powder on their faces and wearing many rosaries around their necks. They live near cremation grounds and have many peculiar customs.




Ni Vanuatu Men Rah, Lava . Island




Ndoto people, Mountains Range, Kenya. The Samburu people live in the arid mountains and vast deserts of Kenya. They are also known by neighboring tribes as "Butterfly People" because of their colorful costumes.




Likekaipians, Papua New Guinea




Villagers of Angge, Nepal




Te Aroha Mikaka people, New Zealand




Indigenous people in Luc Banshui, Guizhou, China. People of the Chinese "Longhorn Miao" tribe. Their characteristic is the braided hat made of women's hair. The mother will give the hat to her daughter when she gets married.




Paro Pass, Bhutan




Uramana, Amuioan, Tufi, Papua New Guinea. The Uramana people live in Papua New Guinea. It is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with more than 850 indigenous languages.




Indigenous people of Mount Bosavi, Papua New Guinea




Cerro Christal people, Argentina




Villagers of Korcho, Omo Mountains, Ethiopia. This ethnic group follows animist beliefs. They believe that rocks and tree stumps also have souls and worship them. Cattle are the most important asset to the Surma and they use guns to protect them. Today, the Surma people still retain traditional rituals such as stretching their lips with rings and plates made from baked clay.



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