Stunning photos taken from above

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Sunday, 02/01/2022 08:01

   Stunning photos taken from above


An aerial shot makes everyday scenes unique and different, giving viewers a new perspective on the multi-dimensional world.


Lake Leitisvant is located on a cliff in the Faroe Islands – an archipelago between Iceland and Norway



The Faroe Islands have an undeniable beauty, the countryside is mainly steep mountains, steep cliffs and picturesque valleys. During the summer, the Faroe Islands turn unusually green and are the best time to visit.



Badlands – Badlands (land of clay and rocks, severely eroded by wind and water) in the Middle East seen through the author's prism looks like “landscape on the moon.”



The appearance of a humpback whale crossing the sea near Iceland is a sign of the existence of life in the ocean



A beautiful moment of the boat breaking the waves in the ocean



Not inferior to the ocean, the forest also makes a strong impression with a beautiful view from above



The contrast between the green forest and the highlight is the red roof house



Colorful landscape of the forest in Sonnhofen, Austria



The rock formations form breathtaking landscapes for South Dakota, the central North American state, creating a breathtaking landscape.



This bridge makes me feel like a door to heaven



Mount Bromo is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which is only about four hours by car from Surabaya. Mount Bromo is 2,392 meters high



With a "strange" perspective, architecture can have a whole new perspective when captured from this overhead perspective.



The "monstrous" architecture of a hotel in Zhangjiajie, China



Colorful paradise - wonderful coastal village complex in Cinque Terre - Italy



The winning photo, titled "A magical morning in the Netherlands", was taken by photographer Ewold Kooistra in Zaanstad, Netherlands.


Dutch photographer Ewold Kooistra won the final with this image of windmills lurking in the fog in the Netherlands.


Photos taken from above always give viewers a whole new perspective on the world around them.


The winning photo, titled "A magical morning in the Netherlands", was taken by photographer Ewold Kooistra in Zaanstad, Netherlands.


Photographer Ewold Kooistra shared that he spent a lot of time, effort and patience to take this photo. He woke up at 4 a.m., went to the scene, and waited about an hour for the fog to surround the windmill.


Ewold Kooistra said: "My drone had only 50% battery left and had to move around looking for a unique angle to capture this place. When I looked at my phone to see the drone images. Rewind, it's like a dream."



This photo captures a crowded scene of tourists on Dameisha beach in China by photographer William Markezana.



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