• The most wonderful places to welcome the new year 2022 in the world

The most wonderful places to welcome the new year 2022 in the world

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Sunday, 16/01/2022 03:01

    The most wonderful places to welcome the new year 2022 in the world


1. Sydney, Australia: As one of the best New Year's Eve destinations, Sydney offers an enjoyable experience for anyone who is yearning for a memorable New Year's Eve. With an enchanting fireworks display over Sydney Harbour, and a luxurious seaside cruise, you will cherish this wonderful memory forever.



2. Las Vegas, USA: As one of the most popular party destinations in the world, Las Vegas comes alive on New Year's Eve with vibrant casinos, nightclubs, guest events and events. hotel, spectacular fireworks, and fervent crowds during the grand New Year celebration.



3. Miami, USA: Miami is one of the famous party venues in the world and its ravishing beauty adds to the charm of New Year's celebrations. Miami's beaches are vibrant and offer crazy parties to help you celebrate the New Year in style.



4. Venice, Italy: Celebrating the New Year in Italian style begins with a sumptuous dinner aboard a boat with picturesque views. The Big Party at St Mark's Square is one of the best New Year's parties in the world, and is where many people gather at midnight to celebrate the New Year's Eve.



5. Dubai, UAE: When the clock strikes 12, many spots in Dubai perform magnificent fireworks displays that make viewers satisfied. The fancy shows at the Burj Khalifa as well as the live music and light and sound shows at the Dubai fountain will give visitors an unforgettable impression.



6. Cape Town, South Africa: Visitors will be mesmerized by the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of Cape Town, one of the most ideal places to visit during the New Year. Live bands, restaurants, festivals ... increase the atmosphere to welcome the New Year here.



7. New York, USA: No place can beat New Year's Eve partying at New York's most iconic location, the moment the ball dropped in Times Square. Many people gather here to witness the beautiful waterfront crystal ball drop at midnight, as well as the ravishing fireworks display at Central Park and New York's waterfront.



8. Paris, France: One of the best places in the world to celebrate the New Year especially for couples is Paris, where the spectacular fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower creates an extremely romantic space. and perfect for the new year.



9. Goa, India: Known as India's party destination, Goa is one of the best places to celebrate the New Year with its beautiful beach parties, clubs, casinos and fireworks displays. spectacular.



10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro is world famous for its Copacabana beach party making it one of the best places in the world to celebrate the New Year. The beach receives around 200,000 people on New Year's Eve, all of whom gather together to witness the warmest of New Year's celebrations.



11. Bangkok, Thailand: One of the best places to travel during the New Year is Bangkok, where Central World Square is the highlight of the city. Great fireworks will be performed here and the whole square comes to life as soon as the clock strikes 0 o'clock.



12. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam is an impressive destination to ring the New Year's bells as you can enjoy the best parties in Amsterdam's public squares such as Dam square, Nieuwmarkt and Rembrandtplein, where there are Spectacular fireworks displays and enchanting light festivals.



13. Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is a beautiful destination to witness one of the best fireworks displays from Wenceslas square and Old Town square.



14. Madrid, Spain: A world famous city with parties that become even more intense on New Year's Eve. Witnessing the wonderful countdown party at Puerta del Sol with your loved ones is a wonderful experience.



15. Vancouver, Canada: The best way to celebrate the New Year in Vancouver is to book a cruise and party all night with great music, drinks, fireworks and more.



16. London, England: One of the best places to welcome the New Year is London, where a large-scale New Year's Eve celebration is held. The Thames River with its beautiful display of fireworks creates a picturesque scene.



17. Vienna, Austria: New Year's Eve in Austria is celebrated with great fanfare and Silvesterpfad is the main highlight of the city as it hosts a string of events and shows that take place on New Year's Eve.



18. Hawaii, USA: Hawaii is one of the best New Year's destinations, offering an impressive party experience for all passionate souls. There are many resorts and destinations in Hawaii that celebrate the New Year with grandeur.



19. Moscow, Russia: The city is magnificent with an enchanting fireworks display that can be admired from Red Square and the Kremlin. Arbat Old Town is also an exciting New Year's Eve place with many bars and clubs where visitors can enjoy an impressive New Year's Eve party with exotic drinks and snacks.



20. Lisbon, Portugal: New Year celebrations in Lisbon are taken to the next level with epic parties, eye-catching fireworks and live music. If you are someone who likes to greet the New Year with glitz and fanfare, Lisbon should be on your itinerary.



Thank you for watching. Wishing you a happy and joyful 2022 new year!

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