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It seems that the concept of unconditional love has been left on the "sidewalk", as more and more people want to love, but are not ready enough to give it or even receive it.


Chris Moore once wrote:


“Love… What is love? Love is to love someone for who they are, who they were, and who they will be.”


“Love… What is love? To love someone for who they are, for who they are in the past, and for who they are in the future.”


The real test of unconditional love is loving someone under any circumstances. This sounds simple, but it's certainly one of the hardest qualities for all of us to have. This type of love requires you to love yourself unconditionally first, then your heart and mind can have the strength to give that love to others.


But in reality, we always fail at this point. It seems like this life has so much pressure on your shoulders that you have to be perfect, so loving yourself becomes an extremely difficult thing. However, this is the key to receiving complete and unconditional love from others.


If you are someone who has never been loved unconditionally, receiving and giving that love to someone else can be quite difficult. However, the following article will reveal to you 7 ways to practice unconditional love that can change your life. We invite you to consult!


1. Love is not how you feel, but how you act


Try to think of love in this way, you won't go too far in the wrong direction. If you look at love in an emotional way, then when you receive something from someone, and then don't give it anymore, your feelings will change according to their behavior.


For example, in case, you are trying to be someone, or perhaps you have to do something to receive love, then love has already become conditional.


However, if you behave in a certain way and do not force others to change themselves, then that love is unconditional. Your love is not based on the actions or words of the other person, which means you can continue to behave the same way, no matter how others act.


2. Adapt your love to others


Love is receiving and giving in many different forms. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” philosophy.


Unconditional love is your conscious decision every day and every new situation that comes up. Of course, there is no rule that can apply to everyone, you can only apply it to each person.


3. Sometimes love feels uncomfortable



When you truly love someone, you may have to accept both joys and sorrows, and in this case, protecting someone from discomfort is not an expression of unconditional love.


Pain and growth are a part of life and protecting them from it isn't love – if you just make them feel fulfilled and happy, you'll do them more harm than good. .


Because unconditional love requires you to let them experience pain so they can find their own path and grow in their own way.


4. Love yourself unconditionally


If you always want to please everyone, which we always tend to do, then you will be more interested in giving love to others than to yourself.


The love you give people won't be unconditional, because you've already let your feelings for them overwhelm your desire to return your love to them. This is not unconditional.


However, if you keep trying to please everyone, then you are lacking that self-love. So give unconditional love to yourself first and then the rest will come to everyone.


5. Learn to forgive


Learning to forgive doesn't mean allowing someone to trample on you, it means choosing a better, kinder response to yourself. If someone hurts, or lets you down, choose to forgive by letting go of anger and resentment towards that person.


The way you treat someone will change based on what's happened, but if you choose to behave in a way that's full of love and not intolerant of negative emotions, you'll love them forever. unconditional way.


6. Show love to people you think don't deserve it


It would be great if there were people around you who kept doing bad things to you and others. Usually, when someone behaves negatively towards you, or towards the things you do, it means that their own life is missing something that prevents them from truly loving themselves.


If you see this before you react, putting yourself in their shoes can help you clearly understand that this is more about them than about you. This is when you decide to love unconditionally and give that love more often. This will make them receive a valuable reward and more importantly, you yourself.


7. Practice unconditional love every day


Try to do this at least once a day: give something without expecting anything in return.


It could be letting someone go through the front door, giving way to a car in traffic, or telling someone you love them without expecting to hear them back. Do something every day and be sure – even if you don’t want anything in return – you will find immense satisfaction in giving unconditional love.


Give love every day and you will receive it in some way!

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