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Thuday, 25/06/2020 10:06

Love is one of the most exhilarating emotions one has to experience. Whether it’s love from your family, friends, love one or even from a stranger, giving love and receiving love in return is definitely something that makes the world a better place. Love is an effortless and everlasting emotion. 


1. To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.

- Themis Tolis -

2. The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.

- Woody Allen - 


3. You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.

- Jodi Picoult - 


4. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

- Lao Tzu - 

5. We are shaped and fashioned by those we love.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goehte -


6. Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi - 


7. Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.

- Martin Luther King Jr -


8. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

- H.Jackson Brown, Jr -

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