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Yes! Love also happens in the afternoon and you’re a proof; to which you want to get the latest on Sweet good afternoon quotes for her or for Him.

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Sweet good afternoon quotes for her or for Him

1. With You Always

 As I sit here reminiscing about you, I desire to be with you always, embracing my arms around you today and forever. Good afternoon, I miss you.


2. Hug You Tightly

 I was regularly reminiscing about you today, hoping you were here now and I wish to put my arms around you and hug you tightly. I love you. Good afternoon.


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3. The First Thing

 Seeing those we cherished from afar off, smiles are the first thing we usually present to them as we desire to give them a lot of brightness. Good afternoon.


4. Many Miles Away

 Each and every day I miss you much more, and this noon, I felt terribly bad because I won’t be able to see you as you’re many miles away from me. I miss you. Good afternoon.


5. Always be Together

 It’s my prayer that God gives us many chances to always be together, not just at dawn and dusk but also at noon. Good afternoon, I love you.


6. A Moment Without You

 Every day I miss you in my life, since you’ve been a big part of it now and I don’t want to stay a moment without you in it. I miss you. Good afternoon.


7. After the Dawn

 After an amazing dawn, comes a wonderful and beautiful noon, make sure you enjoy your afternoon. I miss and love you. Good afternoon.


8. Here Comes…

 Here comes a beautiful afternoon after a glorious morning and a peaceful night rest. Have a nice lunch. Good afternoon, I love you.


9. Give You My Heart

 I’m presenting you with my heart, filled up with my love for you, make sure you drain all the love before sending it back to me. I love you. Good afternoon.


10. Blessings and Peace

 I desire your noon be filled with the blessings that comes with dawn and peace that comes with the dusk. Good afternoon, I love you.


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11. Lies In Between

 Just as we have the mornings and the nights, but something sits in between them both; it’s called AFTERNOON. I love you. Good afternoon.


12. Remember You Always

 I will always and forever remember you like this moment, no matter whatever it is that I might be going through. Good afternoon, I miss you.


13. My Strength

I’m checking on you to make sure you’re okay, since you’re always my strength in times of difficulties and troubles. I love you. Good afternoon.


14. Hope You’re Good?

I decided to check on you, my dear and ask; hope you’re doing well and having a great and awesome day? Good afternoon, I miss you.


15. Keep Dreaming and Working

Nights are meant to dream dreams and days are for achieving those dreams, so keep dreaming and keep working to accomplish them. I love you. Good afternoon.


16. Don’t be Nervous

The day is far too young and beautiful to be anxious, don’t be nervous about your dawn since noon is still available to do better. Good afternoon.


17. Whole Day Ahead

Don’t be dismayed because your morning was dull, you’ve got a complete day ahead of you to make it beautiful and end up with a peaceful night. Good afternoon, I love you.


18. Feel Your Presence

No humans have ever held air, they only feel it on their skins. I can’t see you now, but I always feel your presence, as you’re the air I breathe. Good afternoon.


19. I’m an Addict

I’m addicted to you and your love; an addict of your love, because your love has always rejuvenate me whenever I’m weak. I love you. Good afternoon.


20. Always With Me

Just as air cannot be touched but can only be felt, so also your love for me. It’s invisible but always with me. Good afternoon, I love you.


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21. Love like Air

I will suffocate and die without you nor your love, because your love is like air I breathe. I miss an love you. Good afternoon.


22. I Desired…

I desired that the happiness and joy that comes with the rising sun stay with you all through the day. Good afternoon, I love you.


23. Love from God

I wholeheartedly wish that your day be filled with blessings and love that comes from God. I love you. Good afternoon.


24. Another Opportunity

 Here’s another opportunity to have an amusing time, and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Good afternoon, I love and miss you.


25. A Special Person

 Each and every day I will always cherish afternoon, because it was in the afternoon that I met a special person – you. Good afternoon, I love you.


26. Amazing Noon

 I crave to be on the beach and spend time with you, my dear and enjoy this amazing and beautiful afternoon. Good afternoon, I miss you.


27. My Best Day…

 One of my best days or times are afternoon, why? Because it always reminds me of that afternoon I saw you. I love you. Good afternoon.


28. Between My Body and Soul

 Just as afternoon lies somewhere between morning and night, you’ve always lies between my body and soul. I love you. Good afternoon.


29. It’s Significance

 Nights are meant to rest from the hustle of the day, while afternoons are there to have a lot of fun times. Good afternoon, I love you.


30. Morning, Night and Afternoon

 Morning is for working; night is for relaxing our body and mind, while afternoon is for pleasurable experiences. Good afternoon.


31. The Best Time

Here comes the best time to have fun with the best thing that ever happened to me – you. Good afternoon, I love you.


32. Time for Everything 

There is time for everything; night is to sleep and rest, morning is to work and earn a living and afternoon is to have a pleasant moment with those we cherished. Good afternoon.


33. Favorite Moment

 One of my favorite moments is when I spend the lovely afternoon with you, my dear. Good afternoon, I love and miss you.


34. When I’m With You

 I cherish when I’m on the couch with you; chatting and enjoying the beautiful afternoon together. I miss you. Good afternoon.


35. Those I Adored

 I love being around those that I adored so much and enjoy not just their company but also the lovely afternoon. Good afternoon.


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